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Crash Issues During Patching

edited September 12, 2017 in Account & Technical Support

We’ve received a number of reports from players who are experiencing system crashes while installing Guild Wars 2 updates or patches. Our team has taken an extensive look at the crash logs in order to identify possible sources for the problem. At the present time, we believe that a significant number of these crashing issues are related to anti-virus software produced by Lavasoft called Web Companion. Specifically, an element in that product’s DLL is not allowing Guild Wars 2 players to update their games.

Our suggestion at this time is to check to see if you have the most current version of the software. If you do not, you should update your software immediately. If after you update you continue to experience system crashes, we recommend you uninstall your Lavasoft product in order to allow the Guild Wars 2 patch to download. Once the game update is complete, you may reinstall the Lavasoft product if you so desire.

We have attempted to work with Lavasoft to find a way of resolving this problem, but those efforts have been unproductive. We are not able to mitigate the issues on our side, and because of that, we believe that you will continue to experience crash issues as long as you use the Lavasoft product. With that in mind, you may wish to consider uninstalling Web Companion and using another anti-virus program entirely.

Gaile Gray
Communications Manager: ArenaNet
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