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GEMSTORE REQUESTS: New Items; Items offered again - [Merged]



  • How about a 1000 gem any 1 weapon skin to choose? sexier female armors and bulkier male armors??

  • I would love to see a Mistfire wolf mini pet. Also you can add a Mistfire wolf mount skin for the jackal (Even the idea that it disappears and reappears makes sense with mistfire wolf. Plus they are already in the game just gotta move them over and shrink/expand a bit. =P

  • Just in case that this has not been suggested, I'd like to see stylish mount saddles in the Gem Store or a matching outfit for me and my mount.

    In the beginning...there was Tarnished Coast...

  • Dante.1763Dante.1763 Member ✭✭✭✭

    Id like to suggest a a trio of head gear based off of the "Hear no evil, speak no evil, see no evil" idea.

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    If only the Pirate Captain's Outfit looked like the versions you see on the Asura and Charr on the BLTC home page, promoting that outfit. Those look really cool. I'd like to see those versions in the sore.

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    Skins for summons, love to be able to change my minions in skeletons and elemental summons in simething more solid then a spark or fire imp.

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  • How about in a similar vein to the flying carpet, we have for Winters day, 12 or so pocket raptor with little Santa hats pulling you in a sleigh

  • i would like to see Yul Brenner's Pharaoh Battle Armor from The Ten Commandments as an outfit or something Egyptian like it

  • sorudo.9054sorudo.9054 Member ✭✭✭✭

    i would like to see some straight wild sylvari hair

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    Exocombinaison suits based on Sygnergetic/Static krewe and Inquest one, of course different from the dynamic one, each one having her own style. :D Like during scarlet events with these three marionette of synergetic, static and dynamic.

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  • Two words: Banner backpacks. Banner. Backpacks.

  • I would love to be able to buy from the store Molten Jetpack as a glider and Rytlock face for my charr.

  • I would just love to see all the outfits for sale all the time. I don't see why they aren't anyways now. it's silly that they aren't. the same for wings, glider wings, etc.

  • Gimme Endless Metabolic/Utility primer please D:.

  • Plant themed back items! (I love sylvari, I'm biased, shh!)

    The backpack we got to carry that shiny egg was so pretty, I would love to see that as an back item. There is some quivers that comes and goes but I would really like a Sylvari/plant/nature themed quiver.

    Also please have some better design ideas between gendered outfits. Some of the "male" ones are much better looking but looks awful on female models because someone decided to fancy them up with unnecessary bits and ruin a perfectly made design. (e.g.: Verdant Executor Outfit, Spring Promenade Outfit, etc. -- neither of these look like they are the 'same' gear set, changes between the gendered models are absurdly different)

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  • I suggested this probably about 4 years ago for when there was a desert expansion.

    How about a Saluki miniature. They're the oldest breed of dog, extremely handsome and cute, and are native to the deserts of the Middle East and North Africa. They're super fast runners and the only dog to run with all four feet off the ground twice in each stride.

    Of course, I'm a Saluki owner, but it would be great to have a miniature version of my dog running alongside my character whilst the real dog snoozes in his basket under my desk.

    It would be much appreciated.

  • I made a separate post with 2 personal requests, one of them a gem store related desire to later release skins that can replace current appearances for mounts. I frankly desperately want to ride a dire fern wolf (could take the spot of the jackal), The White Stag (could take place of the raptor), a giant moa aka chocobo (could take place of the springer). I am sure everyone else will have their own personal requests for skins to match their characters and self-created background stories.

  • caveman.5840caveman.5840 Member ✭✭✭

    plz bring back the shadow assassin outfit

    and plz add more staff skins that look like a spear

  • My black mage asura requires a suitable mount.
    A yellow-dye-able Moa mount skin for the raptor would be nice and not infringing on any copyrights because it's already a GW2 thing~
    Also it'd be brilliant and give ANet a lot of gil... I mean gold.

  • Oh I forgot the most important one: Common Clothing Bundles!

    A bundle of common clothing for each race + Elonian style wears. I know we have tonics that lasts for 15 mins, which you can't even dye, while NPCs all around the GW2 have wondrous clothing on them. It would be just amazing to buy a bundle from Gem Store for each race with 4 or 5 different options. Just like how the Wedding Outfit changes according to the gender and race, these can transform with that in mind. And it wouldn't be that much of a struggle to create them since they are already in game!

    In conclusion, please please please, give us Clothing Bundles made of common NPC clothing! <3<3<3

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  • @del.4068 said:
    Plant themed back items! (I love sylvari, I'm biased, shh!)

    The backpack we got to carry that shiny egg was so pretty, I would love to see that as an back item. There is some quivers that comes and goes but I would really like a Sylvari/plant/nature themed quiver.

    There are quite a few plant themed back items:
    The Mawdry achievement set gives a line of Vine themed back items (3 options)
    The Druid Stone line gives branched themed back items (4 options)
    Desert Rose (red flower)
    Fervid Censer (yellow flower)
    Canach's Backpack (a styled backpack made of leaves and thorns)
    Bough of Melandru
    Toxic Spore
    Grove Hydria

    I've never felt lacking for plant-themed back items for my Sylvari. This is not to say they shouldn't make more, but there are bigger gaps I'd prefer they tackle first.

    Quivers, on the other had, only have 4 options that I know of. A hollowed log and a rolled up leaf would both make good quivers. Having arrows with leaf fletching or looking more like sticks (like Disney's Robin Hood when he was a Stork) would be fun as well. Would also like a more futuristic quiver (think Avenger's Hawkeye or Green Arrow)

    Glint's Egg as a backpack would be very easy for them to implement as it was already a back item. While there is the argument against belittling a story element, this game has always been Fashion Wars first, so I think it should be done.

    Also, again, cough swimsuits cough

  • @Drawing Guy.3701
    And yet I want many more because only 3 of them suits my characters, and 1 of them not even in the store, and I need to wait for 4 years to get the other one ;)

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  • Amirra.3640Amirra.3640 Member
    edited September 23, 2017

    I just started an engineer and was hoping to get the Magitech Armour, I had no idea it was leaving the gem store.
    So my idea, flash-back promotions that showcase old gem store items for new players or for those of us who missed them.

  • Since we've got some profession themed gliders, can we get a mesmer themed one? With shattered mirror shards swirling up and down in purple.

  • In all honestly we need more t-mogs in the game, both gemstore wise and normal ones you can obtain from any other source of content. The lack of t-mogs since the release of Gw2 has been very dry. Sure we've gotten gemstore items from time to time but not actual t-mogs that you can pick and choose on gear. Wasn't the last t-mog peice that you actually chould pick parts from was from the release of hot? And that was only like 1 transmog. Which says alot. Anet please stop making the already fixed outfits and bring in way more normal ones that you can arange with other peices of gear. More new legendary items has been added then t-mogs funny enough...

    Secondly, whould love if you anet chould add more instruments and promp up the existing ones to make them more "balanced" so its easier to play songs with them. So they dont go on "cd" when you play a certain note to many times within a certain window. Whould love to see a normal guitarr being added, piano and violin etc. Aka the more commonly known intruments. These items will add more deepth to the game and immersion overall.

    Regards, a fellow mesmer.

  • @ksgarvin.6132 said:
    What about a paper airplane glider? It could look like a page from an asuran notebook with formulae written all over it.

    You win the thread. I never would have thought of this but now I want one badly!

  • @margarynka.3807 said:
    Two words: Banner backpacks. Banner. Backpacks.

    I got one yesterday in a Path of Fire drop. It's drop-dead gorgeous and I believe (not in-game right now) it's called Banners of the Sunspear and is like a combination of a crest and a banner, plus the top part has a glowing center. Sorry I'm not describing it better.

  • BoAKaN.6052BoAKaN.6052 Member ✭✭
    edited September 23, 2017

    A Kormir outfit

    based on her GW2 PoF appearance in her domain! Now that she's appeared in game, it seems possible.

    I've been wanting a Kormir outfit since launch for my Guardian!

  • This is a suggestion in general. Please stop doing outfits, and instead, do armor pieces! Just do same skin for light , medium and heavy (as the outfit already is same skin no matter what), but please, make them armor pieces.

  • Would love to see makeup kits like we can get hairstyling kits.

  • Please stop doing wings. They increase the gap between players and the rest of the world. Player-looks now days don't fit in the GW2 world anymore.

  • Gem store ideas:
    1) a small fenced area in home instance for minis with little cages at one end. Select 10 minis (or some other set #) to roam in the yard. Kinda like HoM display.
    2) a torch with dyable flame
    3) expansion to add 5 more slots for additional guilds
    4) a way to clear the mastery points and reassign them. (I'd happily pay real money to correct my stupid mistakes since I won't be able to max masteries.)
    5) a tonic that makes me look like a full-sized version of whatever mini I have equipped
    6) a ghost portal that lets me go into any map I've already cleared as a ghost -- a special instance with nothing there, no nodes, no enemies, no chests, no people, nothing -- just 3D art appreciation. (I really miss GW1 HM clear where I could walk around & enjoy the beautiful artwork.) I would pay quite a bit for this.

    Love the game, thanks!

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    @TheGrimm.5624 said:
    Black Lion Chest Drop - Permanent Repair Kit. Rarity inline with Permanent items like Hair Styling and Bank Access.

    Also another 8 Shared inventory slots over current max to account for potential new zone currencies.

    Do you mean Endless Repair Canister (which is already out).. ?

  • Please think about adding the World Tournament Finishers again, I know there is not a world tournament at the moment, but like me, there are a lot of people that would love you have it, and didn't have the chance, because either we didnt play at that time, or like me, i was still learning the game, didnt even knew what a finisher is.

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    We don't know for sure, but if mount skins will be a thing, can get Mordrem Mount for Raptor?
    It would be easy to make because it's already there just adapt it for player.
    I want it for my mordrem styled sylvari.

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  • I also hope mount skins will be available. Besides making coin for ANet, it would be nice to see a variety of mounts in the world. I am NOT asking for more dye channels on the current mounts because I think they're fine as is, and too many dye channels would make everything too rainbow.

  • More light clothes that involve regular pants with no "flaps/skirts". NPCs like Kiel's Assistant in Lion's Arch and Iris the Invincible in the Lava Lounge are nice examples. Both seem to be wearing the same pants (colored differently) and both tops would be great too.

  • Implement the Halloween Paper Bags you guys were supposed to release 5 years ago. That is still datamined. School Outfits too?

  • All I want is Mount skins.

  • 80 boost
    Race change
    Mount skins
    Worker pets (loot corpses/return to town to vendor stuff)

  • @Jink Bonestealer.9274 said:
    Witch's broom glider, of course.

    I'd love to see the elite kurzick necromancer armor skin appear as a Light armor skin option.

    Maybe next halloween B)

  • I would really like to see the flamewalker set on gemstore again... It's been ages...

  • Mount armor, if at all possible.

  • Incarne.4927Incarne.4927 Member ✭✭✭

    This is the scholar armor which was actually in the cash shop since beta. Some NPCs can be seen wearing this armor. I'd love to see it return in a form that is not outfits. It has individual pieces already so it should be easy to implement :+1:
    (can be seen at beginning of the video)

    Also, releasing some of the NPC outfits in POF would be awesome. They look amazing and would be a waste to just be NPC clothing.

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    Was this announcement thread unstickied on purpose?

    Just curious as it was suddenly on page 2 instead of up with the sticky threads.

    Edit: Apparently my making a comment about it being on Page 2 instead of a sticky caused it to show up with the sticky threads again...very strange.

    WOW - Done with forums for good now! - Someone creates a thread about Pharus's light on crit effect asking if it is a bug - I get warned for being "off topic" for commenting how to use the search and pointing out threads discussing Pharus and it being an intended effect... Goodbye all. Happy gaming.

  • Vabbian armor skin from gw1 Ancient armor skin from gw1 for all armor types!