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GEMSTORE REQUESTS: New Items; Items offered again



  • I think it would be nice to add a proper high heel skin for the foot armour slot, something akin to the shoe in the First Follower Desmina outfit something the game is lacking as most of the core shoe skins with a heel are fairly clunky and ugly imho whereas the shoe on the Desmina outfit is so pretty and I tend to wear the outfit over my fashion wars purely because of the shoe on it. As someone who has spent far too much money on pretty shoes irl this is an untapped gold mine Anet.

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    I bought "World Boss Portal Device" today, It's really great. Hope you guys add Heart of Thorns and Path Of Fire Meta timers to that as well. (Tarir, Palawadan, The new shatterer, Chak gerent etc.) These are timed world bosses as well.

  • You guys can add some decorations/upgrades to the Sun's Refuge home instance to make it more worthwhile and more useful for what it is :)

    May sound stupid,but adding extra guild slots tabs wouldn't hurt too much,right? :D

    I also wouldn't mind for some new chairs.Maybe branded themed chair,or jungle themed chair or ring of fire chair etc... :3

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    Still no geomancer glider in the gemstore :O been waiting for it for months

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    Can you please bring back the Dynamics Glider Module? Im really digging the inquest look, decked out with all my weapons, mounts, and the suit... just missing the glider and back piece, it really suits my holo engineer and makes me sad not having it completed. If you could also give me a heads up on what weapon engineer is gonna need next so i can buy the inquest weapon before the price spikes thatd be cool too xD

  • More staves skins to reflect Daredevil

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    Commander Trail.

    I was doing an HP run in TD. Despite the commander using marks, it was difficult to follow him at times. So I was thinking, why not have a glowy trail behind the commander that makes it easier to follow? There can be a basic glowy trail unlocked from the game, and more effects purchasable through the gem store. The effect should be strong enough to be easy to follow, but transparent enough that players can still see the actual paths.

    When in a group, only the commander can use the trail and only players in the same group as the commander can see the commander’s trail (to prevent visual effect spam from random players). When not in a group, any player can use it, but again, only that player can see his/her own trail.

    The length/duration of trail should be affected by party size. When in a squad, the trail should last for like 10 seconds so that a large squad can more easily follow the commander. However, when just playing alone without a party, the trail shouldn’t last more than a couple of seconds so that it doesn’t distract when playing solo stuff. Also, the trail should automatically turn off when the player attacks something and turn back on once player leaves combat. This way, it doesn’t impede vision while fighting.


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    Please bring back the hexed outfit

  • Please bring back the Black Lion Vouchers and the Voucher Dealer. I got outfits last time and want to get some weapon skins. Thank you!

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    GOnna make a suggestion for some gemstore stand alone armor pieces: Foefire cursed armor, and no i dont mean the Adelbern stuff, the effect the Adelbern stuff has doesnt match any of the foefire weapons we have in game.

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  • Tengu playable race. Maybe it gets brought in as a gem store item. Then no need to add story or build home city etc. I’ll go 1000 gems.

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    I would love gathering item glyphs for each of the festival special currencies like candy corn/chattering skull/nougat center/plastic fangs, bubble baubles, snowflakes (I really miss the old frostbitten gathering tools), candy cane, zhaitaffy, favor of the bazaar, favor of the pavilion, favor of the festival, festival token, queen's gauntlet ticket.

    Another really cool glyph would be one that gives random chance for random festival currency, or even "current event" currency.

    Also, please increase the total material storage expansion amount. Sadly, 2000 is not enough for some items

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  • Would love the locked human female hairstyles to be made available in the hairstyle kit. I stare longingly at the guild hall NPC because she has my ponytail ;_;. Where they only China exclusive?

  • Please can we see a return of the Season 3 Unbound Harvesting Tools, or possibly some item upgrades (I forget the name) to add to my existing gathering tools to allow me to harvest Unbound Magic?

    Also Black Lion Weapon Tickets! Please bring these back asap!

  • Incarnate armor needs to come back, it's been 2 years since it was last available...

  • Crafting tables for home and/or instances like Refuge

    A plan? **

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    Personal Inventory Assistant.
    GIzmo, if placed in character's backpack, will perform few automatic actions:

    • Auto-Deposit items on loot.
    • Automatically open all kinds of loot bags, including champion bags.
    • Auto-Consume essence of luck.
    • [100% Experimental function, use on your own discretion] If Copper-Fed Salvage-o-Matic or Silver-Fed Salvage-o-Matic is present in character's backpack or shared slot. Inventory Assistant can perform automatic salvage of Fine and Lower or Masterwork and Lower items with chosen Salvage kit, if those items appears in bag slots (excluding unidentified gear).

    All functions are seperate and can be toggled on or off.
    If placed in shared slot, effects and settings will be account wide.

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    Now that lootboxes are banned in Belgium with other countries soon to follow probably, can you sell the rare cosmetic infusions in the gem. Or some other new infusion. That’d bring in a decent income i think. Don’t make it cheap..4000 to 8000 gem should do it.

  • Phantom hood!!! PLEASE bring back the phantom hood!!!!

  • Not sure when Aetherblade amor skins were available in store last, but I would love for them to return as it would complete my look. Thanks in advance ;)

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    @Balan.9486 said:
    Not sure when Aetherblade amor skins were available in store last, but I would love for them to return as it would complete my look. Thanks in advance ;)

    They are currently available for 30 black lion statuettes

  • @Nash.3974 said:

    @Balan.9486 said:
    Not sure when Aetherblade amor skins were available in store last, but I would love for them to return as it would complete my look. Thanks in advance ;)

    They are currently available for 30 black lion statuettes

    The only thing is I don't have 30 black lion statuettes :( I have $'s to spend on gems though ;)

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    Can the cosmic tools return? I‘ve noticed a lot of tools making a comeback and I missed out on those last time :/

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    Infinite Unbound Magic Gathering Tools!
    Would love to have them, any chance you bring them back?

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    Mordrem mount skins.

  • My wish is to have Commando Rifle skin. Please please please dear A-Net make it happen and let us pew pew pew.

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  • Hey can we have the branded wings backpack again please ? :) I miss it the last time and i need it for my skin, thanks :D

  • Will the dervish package be available again on the gemstore? :(

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    Bring back Shrine Guardian jackal skin for 7 days atleast, it got removed without any warning and I had no chance to get it

  • Winged Headpiece please :3

  • Resplendent Avialan mount

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    Additional Character slot in sale, badly missed my chance last time, but I can wait, I suppose they will return during Halloween! ^^

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  • @Fire.6831 said:
    Bring back Shrine Guardian jackal skin for 7 days atleast, it got removed without any warning and I had no chance to get it

    You may want to follow this thread

  • RAIMENT OF THE LICH, PLEASE. Apologies, written in all caps for emphasis.

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    I'm hoping for the Awakened Mount Pack to come back to the gem store soon. I need it so much :3

  • I got the little mini blue pinata choya with maracas and it's really cute. How about a mariachi guitar playing choya (or group of them)?

  • Crafting Discipline Transfer
    Allows the player to transfer a crafting discipline from one character to another.

  • I love the dog harvesting tool, but I would like to see different dog skins (like a Labrador) for the harvesting tool.

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    Ethereal Tonic: Now that tonics have an effectively infinite duration, I'd love to see a combat tonic that applies the same ghostly effect that you normally get from eating Strawberry or Omnomberry Ghosts! I'm sad that effect only happens randomly and only lasts five minutes, so I'd love a way to engage it at will, for as long as I'd like! It'd be ideal for Halloween, too :D

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    i'd like to suggest an invisible (stealthed) roller beetle as a skin. For the scifi fans

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    There are items players have asked for in abundance before and Anet designers have delivered but sadly, we never saw another item of that type again in either a different kind of design or the designers went back to the same-old boring item that we have seen many times before, it's just this new item has a new dye channel. Not a big woo-hoo there.

    1. Hoods/ Hats/ Outfits that make characters bald. Stop. Doing. This. Anet. There is literally no reason this should be ignored. Give us placebo hairstyles atleast, much like the Inquisitor Hat with the updo! Example Here

    2. Helmets/ Armors that expose the neck Area. Hey Guys! You like my new helmet? It's not really for protection since my entire neck is exposed. Simple fix, add an armored collar/ fur/ literally anything else. Example Here

    3. Goggles. The goggles we do have side on our characters face, great! Now, can we get some that sit atop out characters heads? Without removing our hairstyles? Example Here

    4. Butterly Wings with an Actual Dye Channel. Not much more can be said except let us have a backpack with dyeable channels! Not Gliders. Actual Backpacks. Example Here

    5. Bumble Bee/ Other Insect Wings. We have a scarab glider and backset so close Anet, but no cigar. Give us actual insect wings. No other reason behind this or method. Heck, we have giant angel wings just because other MMO's have it too. Example Here

    6. Noble Human Attire as an outfit. No, this is not a thing yet and it should be. Why there hasn't been enough light on this recently is either people gave up on asking or forgot. Well,I'm here to remind everyone that forums used to be flooded asking for this NPC Item. Example Here

    7. STOP ignoring Charr Horns & Ears and Stop ignoring Asuran Ears. Why do players have to ask for this? We shouldn't have to. If an outfit is only going to cater to humans, atleast start putting a disclaimer (Equipping item will remove all horns/ Long Ears) Or instead, start actually creating armor and outfit sets that don't ignore an actual character design. Sad Example Here

    8. Melandru Outfit. We've gotten Dwayna, Grenth, Lyssa & Balthazar already, so it's about time to see the best 'Goddess' make her debut within our gem store. Example Here

    9. Long, Nice looking Hairstyles for all humanoid Races. Hairstyles with Ribbons , Just Long, Beautiful Tresses. (Elegant ones with bangs)

    10. No More Anime Hairstyles for Charr. Give the, actual tribal/ more Charr-like hairstyles. It's a little sad this has even become a thing. It makes charr seem like the butt of a GW2 joke that shouldn't exist. Give Charr hairstyles feathers, bones, braids, twisted dreads. I compare Charr Manes to Horse Manes and longer Dog Fur. Example Here

    11. Epic/ Good-looking facial hair. No silly mustaches or sad stubble. Sample Here

    12. Last but not least- FLOWER CROWNS! Example Here

    13. Player Housing. I shouldn't have to list reasons

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    I just want capes, thanks in advance.

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    How about gem store skins for necromancer minions?

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    As to the helms removing hair (#1, #3, and possibly #7?), this is due to there being two types of helm skins: Those that sit on the top of the head and those that cover part of the face.

    If the former did not remove the hair, then the hair would simply clip through the armour (i.e. given the huge variety of hair height, armour can't be placed on the head without either floating above or clipping with the hair). The latter does not remove the character's hair, and you can see clipping with some combinations.

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    I love "Fluffy's outfit" from One Piece. Difinitely buy that.
    Straw hat, sleeveless shirt, short, flipflop. I am that simple

  • The Devs have explained, more than once, why backpacks cannot be dyed.

    There is an official Stickied thread for some of your suggestions; if you want the Devs to see them, it would be best to post there.

    I can't say many of the suggestions are of any interest to me, part of the GW2 playerbase.

    Good luck.