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GEMSTORE REQUESTS: New Items; Items offered again



  • Shell.8413Shell.8413 Member
    edited November 30, 2018

    Aetherblade heavy armor skin!!!

  • @WinterSolstice.7829 said:

    • A home instance bonfire pit for players to use items like Red Meat at and have it start cooking it into a sharable food buff item that lasts 45-60 minutes.

    This and a music that plays on a rhythm, and when you 'WELL DONE' it, the game says 'OOOOH!! Tasty!' :3c

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  • Another shop update, and the disappointment continues...please put the Golden Wings back in the store FOR THE LOVE OF DWAYNA!

  • Please bring back the bandit Sniper outfit and the grand lion skin

  • Another shop update, and the disappointment continues...please put the Golden Wings back in the store FOR THE LOVE OF DWAYNA!

  • Fraghound.5730Fraghound.5730 Member ✭✭✭

    Please bring back the Outlaw outfit, I missed it last time and I have gems waiting and ready for it!

  • @Davion Roth.6709 said:
    Another shop update, and the disappointment continues...


  • Bring back the Crystal Savant outfit please!!

  • hugo.4705hugo.4705 Member ✭✭✭✭

    Can we have please, the return of reading glasses, was a very very long time I haven't seen them.

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  • CJH.2879CJH.2879 Member ✭✭✭

    Please bring back Choya Mining/Harvesting Tools, thanking you in advance! =)

  • Another shop update, and the disappointment continues...All you seem to be swapping out lately are outfits, how about changing some of the glider skins that have been on there for ages and bringing back the GOLDEN WINGS!

  • I hope the stand-alone White Mantle Outfit comes back to the store soon.

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  • Hey guys, I've been waiting months to get some season 1 memory boxes. Can you you re-add them even if its just for a day?

  • Axxo.7430Axxo.7430 Member ✭✭

    A box containing 6-slot for armor, 6-slot trinkets/backpiece, 4-slot for weapons.
    Players can put in their desired items onto it.
    Double click to change all the above items in a single click.

    400 gems sounds reasonable.

  • Regh.8649Regh.8649 Member ✭✭✭
    edited December 3, 2018

    Gem Store item - metal jaw/chin armor 1 or 2 dye channel max (similar to charr dreadnought head piece but a tinny bit bulkier)
    For fierce looks

    Edit: or make it part of a new head option for charr (A metal jaw... that would be insanely cool now that I think of it)

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  • hugo.4705hugo.4705 Member ✭✭✭✭

    Eye visors. See inquest exo~suit outfit headgear.

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    ->Project: ASURAN EXPANSION available on WIKI.
    ->NEW: Crucible of Eternity path 4: Legacy on WIKI

  • I'd love to have an umbrella glider like Mary Poppins has one or an umbrella as a novelty item..

  • _Please bring back the Arctic Explorers Outfit ! _
    NEW : I second the above suggestions : for Pajamas and a yawning emote.
    Could I get a novelty that is kinda like the Bouquet of Roses -- but have it be a steaming cup of coffee or cocoa comes out for me to hold and/or drink ?
    Also , I second for the Umbrella Glider like Mary Poppins style or an umbrella as a Novelty Item.
    Lastly a Snowball Launcher type gun , for fun , though a weapon might be a great idea ? Please - with maybe AIr Nerf gun sounds and will function in Costume Brawl ?? Maybe could have the similar animations to the pop gun that throws the birthday cakes ?

  • Astyrah.4015Astyrah.4015 Member ✭✭✭

    i'd love to see the 「arctic explorer outfit」 come back someday this december ^,^

  • Please A.Net :)
    Wreath of Cooperation - Returns
    Storage Expander - Sale

  • I'd really like to buy the forged glider/backpack combo - please put it in the store and take my gems.

  • WarCenter.3815WarCenter.3815 Member
    edited December 8, 2018

    Would be nice to see Freezie Crown return to gemstore since it's also soon wintersday =). Or maybe Arenanet already has it on list, and i just can't wait :P

  • Saniyah.1984Saniyah.1984 Member ✭✭✭

    It would be nice if we could buy the skinns of many gathering tools for 200 gems each instead of the whole tool+glyph for 1000

  • With the amount of loot there is in the game i wish we had a container that could stack 1 item endlessly. say for example if you have 15 000 silk bolts, you could stack them all in 1 container. i think its a good idea for a gemstore item.

  • Please put the Home Portal Stone on sale for Christmas. The current price of 900 gems (used to be 800) is too high for what it offers, for example the Mistlock Sanctuary pass is 1000 gems and offers bank, TP, all crafting stations, fractal entrance, all the different vendors (laurel, fractal, gathering tool types etc), Mystic Forge and more, plus returns you where you came from. The home portal stone only takes you to your home instance and returns you....and it's only 100 gems cheaper. So please, for Christmas, bring the price down to a reasonable one we can afford and that makes sense. Thanks much! :)

  • Shrine Guardian Jackal Skin

    We need it again

  • The Peace sign & Flowers roller beetle skin from GW1! <3

  • Any chance of Incarnate Armor returning some time soon? Don't think it has been on the Gem Store for quite a while now... =)

  • Haleydawn.3764Haleydawn.3764 Member ✭✭✭✭

    Getting the suggestion in EARLY so it’s feasible to accomplish.

    Please create a Super Adventure Box MountFit Bundle. I would be so happy

    Better get a wriggle on.

  • Please bring back.....

    Ice Encasement Outfilt
    Bandit Sniper's Outfilt
    Grand Lion Griffin Skin

  • @Boxer.5369 said:
    I would like to suggest the Festive Hat skin for the 2018 Wintersday (or whenever), in the gem store. A couple of days ago, I tried on the hat skin in the wardrobe with my norn and it made him look like a mountain man and like the look very much.

    Thank you for the festive hat. I have another suggestion for a pistol skin, but I'm gonna hold off on the suggestion for another time. Happy holidays everyone.

  • Septhiroth.9758Septhiroth.9758 Member ✭✭
    edited December 12, 2018

    It's been a year since the forged helm has been on the market, would love to see it make a debut.

    Also to complete the pirate skin wardrobe (captain hat, hook, and peg leg) a parrot shoulder piece, and a simple black cannon rifle skin(as an old pirate ship cannon) would make it perfect.

  • Again requesting Arctic Explorer Outfit to come back to the Gem Shop. Wintersday is the PERFECT time to sell it ......

  • Yay, looks like some gliders are being removed over the next few days, hope you're making room for my Golden Wings to finally come back.

  • A Winding Mechanism Clockwork Backpack and a Medium Armor Set with the same style concept of those Watch Knights to go along with it.

    I want to look like a steampunk toy without the help of those cheap tonics.

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  • WarHammer.9402WarHammer.9402 Member
    edited December 12, 2018

    Come on Anet put Freezie Crown on gemstore, Wanna purchase it and i am waiting since it's winter's day skin. Many people waiting for it to return because of winter's day.
    Wonder if Anet really take a look at all these post ^^.

  • Might be off topic but what about making mr sparkles not accountbound...have one innmy bank thatvi cant put in wardrobe since i had 2

  • Warlord.9082Warlord.9082 Member ✭✭✭

    Unbreakable Gathering Toolset that allows you to use each glyph you have at least once.

  • GDI...4 gliders came off today and they only put 2 back on? Where's my Golden Wings? I see more gliders are coming off tomorrow, so hopefully they show up tomorrow.

  • Aeon.4583Aeon.4583 Member ✭✭✭

    Glyph of Luck - Small % chance to receive x10 amount of currently gathered resource.

  • Will the Grand Lion Gryphon mount return??

  • @Laxeveos.5768 said:
    Will the Grand Lion Gryphon mount return??

    Yes please

  • Guild decoration grid snapping and collision detection.

  • I have a wish for a Rollerbeetle skin. A Skritt in a hamsterwheel who hunts a shiny on a fishing rod that is mounted on the race pod. That would be funny. :)

  • Suggestion for new item: Mittens. We got the ear muffs and the scarf. Missing mitten though.

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  • Please bring back the Ice Encasement outfit , I've been saving for it since the summer :/

  • OMG, are you fn kidding me? All these gliders removed over the last 3 days and not a single one of the ones that replaced them were the Golden Wings?! I quit.

  • Mea.5491Mea.5491 Member ✭✭✭✭

    Please bring back Mask of the Silent and Mask of the Wanderer skins to Gem Store, I haven't seen them in FOREVER and I've been waiting for so many months, it seems like these items were completely forgotten. :(