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GEMSTORE REQUESTS: New Items; Items offered again



  • hugo.4705hugo.4705 Member ✭✭✭✭

    Thanks for bringing back mystlock key and character slot, appreciated.

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  • ty for outfit tickets today. i bought 5 and get few outfits which i want. but most important at outfit ticket vendor there is no fallen balthazar outfit which i want the most. so im asking make it expensive or with some pack but put it in gem store and let me to buy it coz im waiting it for too long already.

  • Frostfang.5109Frostfang.5109 Member ✭✭✭
    • A winged chest armour skin! Yes, a chest piece with dragon wings, a Aurene design or similar! The wings would be folded when ooc, slightly extended during combat and flap when jumping. The armour would be light looking, preferrebly sleeveless and have space on the back for the wings to come out. The wings would be dyeable.

    This would solve the problem with backpieces not being dyeable. Ofc it would cause clipping if u combine it with a showing backpiece.

  • Gunslinger.7031Gunslinger.7031 Member ✭✭
    edited August 20, 2019

    So Black Lion Back piece, Gliders, Outfits and Weapons Vouchers are back but you're missing:

    * Black Lion Armor Set Vouchers

    Not sure why it hasn't been made but there's an idea. Since you guys have basically abandoned making armor sets (Primeval, Profane, Kryta etc..) in favour of outfits for the store, you might as well cash in on your existing coded resources .

  • I would love it if the branded pack came back to stores soon, not sure if this is a popular choice but I just love the design and joined right after all the really cool skins left the stores.

    • Pact Logistics Agent :

      • Unlocks a new merchant NPC in your home instance that can be expanded to sell items sold in daily vendors in one place.
      • By default it starts with 1 tab that offers the default shop with salvage kits and gathering tools.
      • You can also go to several vendors and buy from them an item that will unlock their shops as new tabs in this merchant. The unlock will be done on acquisition:
      • Gathering Merchant Contract : 10 gold.
      • Pact Supply Network Agent Requisition : 5 gold and 50 Obsidian Shards at each daily pact vendor. All 6 pact vendor inventories are unlocked in the same tab.
      • Faction Provisioner: Tyria: 5 gold and 10 Provisioner Tokens in each Tyrian Provisioner, their 6 inventories are unlocked in the same tab.
      • Faction Provisioner: Verdant Brink: 3000 Airhip parts and 15 Provisioner Tokens. Unlocks in a separate tab.
      • Faction Provisioner: Auric Basin: 10000 Airhip parts and 15 Provisioner Tokens
      • Faction Provisioner: Tangled Depths: 4000 Ley Line Crystals and 15 Provisioner Tokens
      • Recommended price: 1000-1600 gems.
    • Home Gathering Assistant:

      • Unlocks a home instance NPC that you can talk to in any of the home instances to gather all nodes in there using the tools you have equipped.
      • Equipped Glyphs will apply.
      • It will also open chests if you have the keys.
      • The gathering could happen instantly or as a chain reaction that goes from node to node with 0.75s of time between the start of every gathering.
      • It could also be a package you receive daily in the mail, with materials generated based on the tools you had when you talked with the NPC and the nodes you have unlocked. The content of locked chests would be handled in locked boxes that require the keys to open.
      • It may be free once unlocked, or require a daily payment, like 10-15 silver, or 50 copper per gathering.
      • Recommended price: 2000 gems if it has no additional cost, 800-1200 if it requires a payment.
  • Add a mad lands sky scale ;3;

  • Vegeta.2563Vegeta.2563 Member ✭✭✭

    @Gunslinger.7031 said:
    So Black Lion Back piece, Gliders, Outfits and Weapons Vouchers are back but you're missing:

    * Black Lion Armor Set Vouchers

    Not sure why it hasn't been made but there's an idea. Since you guys have basically abandoned making armor sets (Primeval, Profane, Kryta etc..) in favour of outfits for the store, you might as well cash in on your existing coded resources .

    Probably because there are very little armor sets compared to gliders, or outfits.

  • could we get a novelty that is a dance pad but allows people to get on it and dance while we move around with it?

  • I would love so much if the black lion garden deed and hunting board contracts came back. I missed out on them and I’m trying to build up my home instance. Bringing back or adding some new home instance nodes would be cool too! Oh, but most importantly, please please make a bookshelf! For the homeinstance where all us book lovers can store our books because I’m so tired of buying new bank tabs lol my bank is just full of books.

  • Pirindolo.9427Pirindolo.9427 Member ✭✭✭
    edited August 23, 2019
  • Please bring back the Krytan Armor skin (maybe other's are missing Profane and Primevil too). With the return of the Black Lion Outfit Voucher I was looking forward to grabbing this armor since it's never in the gem store anymore, only to realize that it's sold as a skin and not an outfit. Perhaps it would make sense to replace outfits with skins while this item is available? Or sell a Black Lion Skin Voucher?

  • Astrolicus.3716Astrolicus.3716 Member ✭✭✭

    Please bring back cozy mount skin set. I miss it every December

  • 0v0 Not sure if A-net saw my request about the Skyscale stuff I was posting about but thank you for adding the Shimmerwing back!!! <3 <3 <3 <3!! I am so happy rn

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  • How about a home instance item that is a glyph projector: you equip a glyph in one of gather, mine, lumber and that glyph applies to all gathering in the world on any character. Not sure if I'd buy it if it superseded an equipped glyph. More interesting it is additional to any glyphs.

  • could we get the salvaged forged gauntlets back

  • A skin for short bows that look like a (SF/modern) pistol and one for longbows that look like a (same) riffle.

  • I know I mentioned this before, but I just realized it would be super cool if there was a book storage system for the home instance in the form of the book cart (at least for human home instance, I can’t remember if other home instances have bookshelves or bookcarts) that’s in the market area of Salma! I need this so bad in my life, I would be so happy if it happened! @ArenaNet Team.4819

  • I want Largos inspired fashion.

  • I would like to see more weapon skins in the store, and maybe the store have to refresh more often or have more content. I think permanent 25% cheaper for everything would lead to more trading and more profit. Anyway i am looking for a Kymswarden (not sure if i write that right) greatsword skin for a long time.

  • Dice Hazard.1458Dice Hazard.1458 Member ✭✭
    edited August 25, 2019

    I really hope Living World Passes are put on sale soon, I was hoping to buy cosmetics with the leftover gems I'd have after getting the passes, but I'm missing everything because of this... Really wanted to Path of Fire Preparation Pack earlier, but since I don't know how much gems I'd have left and how much gem I'd have to buy after getting the passes, I just had to skip it. :(

  • I'd like to be able to customize the level up animations. Just like finishers & mail carriers, but instead special animations besides the default one for finishing a level/using items that play the level up animation.

  • Would like to see the wild magic glider and backpack set cycled back into the BLTC Statuette merchant. I've been hoarding statutettes waiting for it.

  • Please bring back the Desert Racer mount licenses. I would really love to get my hands on the Northern Feather Wing and the Trailblazer mounts. They are my dream mounts. Pleaseee

  • I'd pay a small fortune in gems to be able to equip MOX/other Home Instance Golem/Minion to harvest my Home instance for me :)

  • BlueJin.4127BlueJin.4127 Member ✭✭✭

    Discount on storage expander and infinite unbound magic gathering tools.


  • Ashantara.8731Ashantara.8731 Member ✭✭✭✭

    @Drannon.8254 said:
    In general I'd like to see more individual armor pieces and less full outfit sets, I'm not picky about the specifics :P

    I agree, but wouldn't mind if they finally released an outfit (or armor set) for rangers that actually looks like classic high-fantasy ranger gear.

  • Since I was "impolitely polite" direct here because I didn't see this topic, I'm still waiting for Seasons 2 and 3 with a nicer price. Volatile and Unbound Magic Gathering Tools too

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  • Tarlonniel.6534Tarlonniel.6534 Member ✭✭✭

    I've got a few things left on my list after all the sales, so just in case you want more of my money, ANet...

    Job-O-Tron Backpack
    Feathers of the Zephyr Glider
    Noble's Folly Pass
    Mini Festive Lord Faren

  • Haunted Armor Outfit please!

  • @Siferian.4726 said:
    I wonder why there isn't an easily achieveable horse mount that has literally nothing special about it for people who are just starting out in the game. This could be a mount you could purchase with 10g from any heart vendor in all the low level tyria maps. I'd imagine this plain mount could have all sorts of cool skins since horses are pretty versatile animals. It could have a pinto skin, appaloosa skin, buckskin skin, a donkey skin, zebra skin, an armored horse skin, and if you wanted to go further, you could even make a magical stag skin for it. I would highly suggest unicorn skin, since... well, everybody loves unicorns.
    I'd imagine that it could also have a short speed boost ability to where it could go faster so long as you're holding spacebar. Sort of like the skimmer's hovering ability except it would be used for speed instead of hovering. I admit, I'm taking inspiration from ESO in this concept.
    If they do make a horse mount, I hope that they try their best to base the animations off of real horses. They already do a wonderful job with basing animations off of real animals, so I have no doubt they would do amazing at this.
    I understand if most of you are against this idea. I can see people thinking this mount to be a waste of a keybind. But think of cosmetic purposes. Everyone loves cosmetics. Imagine being a knight in shining armor who rides a trusty steed. Or a young girl adventurer with her beloved unicorn companion. Or even, a nature-loving sylvari riding the white stag of their dreams.
    So many possibilities...

    Was going to ignore this, then you said White Stag!! I love that idea. The White Stag skin for the horse as reward for that part of the Personal Story where you rescue the stag from the Nightmare Court!

    Also in general, any of the sylvan-animal versions of the meat-animals might make good options for mount skins

  • one more week was lost without getting what i want the most. i asked it many times and will ask once more coz they dont give me what i want the most. please put in gem store fallen balthazar outfit and let me to buy it. make it expensive if u like but do it. i keep my last gems for it.

  • gw1 dances, especially monk and paragon. necro summon's skins. so many potentials( skinned rats wearing skulls have had their day). Syvari/nature themed mount skins. charr/engineer themed mounts. Pet reskins. the boxing gloves toy from long, long ago.

  • Im still waiting for the living story sale...

  • Charr motorcycle skin for the roller beetle pls.

  • New Item Request: An armored shoulder skin like Braham's wolf pauldrons except with the non wolf pauldron on both sides. For light armor, pauldrons are currently very slim pickings if you want a look with actual armor.

  • Will Braham's Heavy Armor Skin comeback?

    An unsavory fellow beloved by those of unsavory ilk.

  • archmagus.7249archmagus.7249 Member ✭✭✭
    edited September 1, 2019

    How about name tags for armor and weapons?

    A single use item able to rename almost any item. Exceptions include:
    -legendaries and precursors
    -already named weapons for collections
    -specialization weapons

    Changing ascended prefixes will remove the tag, since it destroys the item in the process. The original name can be seen when you look at the item in the inventory (eg. Someone names their Berzerkers Bladed Armor of the Scholar to 'DPS', when they hover over the item in your inventory or hero panel, in gold text it will say DPS but below it will say "renamed from Berzerkers Bladed Armor of the Scholar in smaller, gray Text.

    You are given the option to remove the name tag if you want, but you'll have to get a new tag to rename the item. Regardless of the name, the color will be the same as the item you put in on.

  • How 'bout some way to get the Deathly stuff from Halloween's past this Halloween in the gem store, hm? ;3; I'm meaning the deathly/avian/bull mantle/shoulderpads/pauldrons. They've gone unavailable for too long! Atm, the only way to get 'em is through a lucky guaranteed wardrobe unlock!

  • Hi, Can you bring back Aetherblade Heavy Armor Skin? Take my money already lol

  • please put in gem store fallen balthazar outfit and let me to buy it and please dont let me wait long coz im waiting already too long coz i asked it many times but cant get it till now. its the best looking and most fit armor for my norn.

  • Still waiting to see Shared Inventory Slot.
    Missed it in March. sighs

  • Lillacmess.4893Lillacmess.4893 Member
    edited September 2, 2019

    Hello I have quite a few suggestions. Thanks for making this thread.

    Please bring back the Strider Armor and Wings of Love.
    Mounts Aurene mount skin for the skyscale!
    Back item Fox, cat or succubi tail as a back item :) PLEASE!
    Pets Please make an appearance slot for ranger pets. I like the abilities but some of the pets are um...not attractive. For RP purposes I'd love to run with an animal but don't want to lose dps . Also Garm?

    Gliders Witch broom
    Home Instance The ability to decorate your home instance. We'd also need furniture you can create by scribes. Also a bookcase for your home! I'd like trophies for killing world bosses too.
    Dances GW 1 dances please
    Mounts Kirin or unicorn mount.
    Dyes Ability to dye weapons. Maybe if you have a weapon you can buy dye slots for gems. Also a rainbow dye!
    Wardrobe An instance you can go into and try on gem store items.Then when you go to leave it asks you if you want to accept your new look. Or just a place to preview all the skins in the game but not in a window in a room where you can turn and leap and play with them to see if you'll like your new look.

  • hugo.4705hugo.4705 Member ✭✭✭✭
    edited September 2, 2019

    Here is few ideas/ wanted items:
    -Scarlet's gauntlets and spaulder, pretty please, thanks by advance
    -Magitech Armor
    -Hourglass Staff

    -Exo suit roller beetle, warclaw and skyscale
    -Charr bike as roller beetle skin (2000 gems one)
    -Awakened skyscale

    Ideas of sellable things:
    -"Racial decorations unlock" 500 gems
    Unlock guild hall decorations vendor within ls3 and ls4 selling decos related to the map but also the most important: 1 merchant per main city offering assets used within them: plant lanterns, mushroom chairs, consoles and lab tables, tavern stuffs or big charr constructs like their lion tanks....
    -"Explorer kit" 400 gems
    Unlock scenic places around core maps, ls3, ls4 specially made for role playing. The owner choose a place by clicking on special skills (à la class 2 rift stabilizer) and tp itself and its party to the chosen place which are part of the said map but non-accessible by anybody else.
    -"Old Lion's Arch pass (fractal reconstitution justify it)" 1000 gems
    -"House" 600 gems
    Like garden plots, using it add 1 asset to your home instance. It spawns a house asset corresponding to the city where you entered. It spawns with a bookshelf for your books, a DJ golem and a scripting station.

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  • SoulGuardian.6203SoulGuardian.6203 Member ✭✭
    edited September 2, 2019

    1 - would like some broken vampire wings backpack and glider combo please. Instead of lifting up, it would be just the wings skin dropping from back.

    2 - Human hair wigs for silvary race.

    3 - A frequent significant promotion % on name changes.

    4 - RGB colours for human skins.

    5 - Ranger pet skins and patterns. Such as phoenix for birds, or chimera for lion... etc...

    6 - Promotions on instant level 80 pretty please. Alternatively a fast level up booster.

  • SinisterSlay.6973SinisterSlay.6973 Member ✭✭
    edited September 3, 2019

    1 - Significantly cheaper prices
    2 - Regional pricing because not everyone is American (citation needed)
    3 - Get rid of all gambling mechanics and surprise mechanics

  • Dice Hazard.1458Dice Hazard.1458 Member ✭✭
    edited September 3, 2019

    @blackspade.5184 said:
    Im still waiting for the living story sale...

    I am ALSO , still waiting for a frick'in Living Story Sale. :/

    VERY disappointed that they didn't put living story on sale, what with the newliving story season announcement. -_-

    • fuzzier fashion
    • pelt fashion
    • double sunglasses all waaaaay across my faaaaace! Yeah. Yeaaaaaah. So intense!.... Or more sunglasses. (can never glamor too hard!)

    • a doubled rainbow glider

    • cat themed fashion
    • a drake or wyvern skin jacket
    • a cute winged lion backpack with a long curling tail, oriented like it's trying to climb the player's back. (like a not particularly bulky lion, and more of a plush design)
      Rough idea of the winged lion (I think it would be really adorable on certain character creations):
  • I'm still waiting for Seasons 2 and 3 with a nicer price. Volatile and Unbound Magic Gathering Tools too

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    Astrid Bloodbourne | Guardian
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  • Please bring back the Skyscale Skin Pack!!! pls pls pls

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