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[Suggestions] Gemstore Items - New Items; Items offered again



  • Dear ArenaNet Developers,

    Would you please consider making a gem store consumable item that allows players to reset the character core story line? I believe many of us would really like to enjoy the story again, as we are now able to for living story, without having to create a new character. It'd be even nicer if the consumable would let us change the biography and the following branching decisions, allowing us to modify the story parts that in retrospect do not really fit the character, regarding the role-playing aspect, without having to delete the current character.

    Thanks for looking into this!

  • I'd love to see a Lord-Faren-Day in the gemshop.

  • cryorion.9532cryorion.9532 Member ✭✭✭

    Please put Swaggering hat in gemstore again, thank you! :)

  • I'd love to buy an Incarnate Armor. Thanks!

  • Would need shared inventory slots and silver salvage kit on discount again please!

  • Season 1&2 Memory Boxes should come back every so often... either to the gemstore or to bl chest loot tables.

  • I'd like to see expanded storage for the personal bank like there is for material storage. Now you can purchase storage expansion for material storage up to 2,000 per slot. I'd like the same for the bank.

  • Swagger.1459Swagger.1459 Member ✭✭✭✭

    I think all veteran players and Ranger lovers would rejoice if something like the below were made into a purchasable lounge area...


    This could be a private instance where previously tamed ranger pets are unlock for new ranger characters to pick up. I'm not suggesting to remove pets from the pet window and force character to visit the stable to switch pets btw... The instance could also include stuff like cats and tiger cubs from Chuka and Champawat collections... maybe even some select minis...

    "The Zaishen Menagerie Grounds is an explorable area where the Zaishen Order takes care of the charmable animals you have unlocked on your account. Charmable animals can be brought in from the wild, or purchased here and trained for you by the Order.

    There are various climates in this one area that create the appropriate habitats for the charmable animals."

    "The Zaishen Menagerie is account based, which means that any charmable animal you unlock will be available to all characters on that account, both PvE and PvP. You cannot, however, bring other players into your own menagerie, it is only for yourself and your heroes.

    If you speak to Emryd the Tamer with an animal companion (pet) in your party, she will unlock yours or your hero's current pet at its current level and evolution tier and all lower tiers for that charmable animal. Similar to other pet tamers, she is able to take the current pet and release it, allowing you or your hero to charm another animal as a pet. Provided you have a Moss Spider Egg, Emryd can take it and unlock the Moss Spider.

    Helena (Zaishen Keeper) will unlock the next tier of any charmable animal that is already unlocked, or unlock the lowest tier of any locked charmable animal from any campaign you own, at a cost of either a combination of Zaishen Coins and gold, or Balthazar faction."

    "It's that sorta mentality that prevents progress from actually being made and the game from being fun for everyone and not the minority." -TexZero


  • Warlord.9082Warlord.9082 Member ✭✭
    edited November 16, 2018

    I would like to see the return of the Permanent Noble's Folly Pass and the return of a discount on the Bank Tab expansions!
    I would also like to see Gathering Tools that support multiple glyphs, preferably 5 at once. <<< insta-buy 2 sets

  • Khaeon.1623Khaeon.1623 Member ✭✭
    edited November 17, 2018

    Please bring back the bandit Sniper's outfit. I would also love to see some weapons skills in game like the weapons that elementalist can conjure. That frost bow I just love it

  • Dragonfly Mount skin for Skimmer
    I would Love to SEE or have a Mount Skin to replace then Skimmer something unique. and I though a Dragonfly would be perfect. anyone else have some suggestions?

    I was asked to put this here because of the response i have received when I post this in discussions, A lot of people thought it was a fun ideal or somethig they where very interested in. This is the post i put in for discussions: https://en-forum.guildwars2.com/discussion/comment/745260#Comment_745260

  • @Gaile Gray.6029 said:
    Players have shared a number of terrific suggestions for Guild Wars 2 Gem Store items. From outfits that hark back to old Tyria to miniatures that warm the heart, from dye sets that personalize your look to new gliders that make a statement, player ideas have help us expand our Gem Store to include a wide variety of wonderful items.

    If you have a suggestion – or several! – that you’d like to share with the development team about potential Gem Store items, please post them in this continuing thread.

    Thanks for your input!

    Dragonfly Mount skin for Skimmer
    I would Love to SEE or have a Mount Skin to replace then Skimmer something unique, and I though a Dragonfly would be perfect. anyone else have some suggestions?
    This is the post I put up the other day some of the people respond well to it and I was asked to put it here for a review in hope it might be possible to do. I am sure their would be many who would pay 2000 gems for this Dragonfly Mount Skin to replace the Skimmer Mount Skin.

  • seckate.7816seckate.7816 Member
    edited November 17, 2018

    Was told by support to come here (to the forums, about this sort of concern).

    Anyways, I would love for the Phalanx Heavy Armor to return.

    That's all, thanks.

  • Hi developer:

    Please give wedding attire outfit and i have prepared 1000 gems for it.
    Thanks thanks for your cooperation

    GW1 and GW2 is great add me in game please

  • I would love to see NFL skins like they did in Fortnite! Just a dream but that will be wonderful to see in the gem store ⚜️

    Imagine there's no condi

  • Please tell when and where can i buy new wedding outfit or Black Lion Outfit Ticket, i ve prepared 1000 gems for it
    .... please, i cannot even sleep well without it

    GW1 and GW2 is great add me in game please

  • I would like see the soul river glider standalone and chop it all logging axe.

  • Mordrem Guard Mount for Raptor? Or Teragriff mount for Jackal/Griffon? A Mordrem-themed Mount Pack since we got a Branded one

    Prince of Angels - Disney Prince with a Horrifying Power

  • WTB Golden Wings like now, take my money.

  • Please bring back the stand alone Bandit Sniper's outfit. I'm not paying $50 to purchase a bundle of things I do not want or need just to get that outfit.

  • Plok.5873Plok.5873 Member ✭✭✭

    Since this is more and more becoming a game of thr... chairs, could be perhaps see an ice-themed one next?

  • Boxer.5369Boxer.5369 Member
    edited November 21, 2018

    I would like to suggest the Festive Hat skin for the 2018 Wintersday (or whenever), in the gem store. A couple of days ago, I tried on the hat skin in the wardrobe with my norn and it made him look like a mountain man and like the look very much.

  • This isn't a Gem Store item suggestion, but a suggestion about external merchandise. I see on the Shop page that GW2 soundtracks are available on Amazon and iTunes. I suggest also selling the soundtracks on Bandcamp, SoundCloud, and other online music services.

    I wonder what's here.

  • Been waiting for Strider's Medium Armor Skin for some time now. Would appreciate it if you took my dazzling Gems for the skin.

  • A floating meditation chair or gizmo preferably with hands in lap and legs crossed but like the Olmakhan Charr. And their horns as well ^^ and maybe chairs usable in the Mistlock Sanctuary

  • Wild Magic Backpack Glider Combo

    Exalted Gloves

  • Mini Jungle Lord Faren [&AgEBNgEA]
    Mini Festive Lord Faren [&AgFQCwEA]

  • Please bring back the grand lion Griffin skin

  • Hi, it would be helpful if items for sale via the gem store showed if they are available for other currencies as well, ie i bought the abbaddons mask for 500 gems only to find it could be bought for 20 bl statuettes :(

  • We need more Choya! The Roller Choya mount skin would be awesome)

  • Hi, a few suggestions for the gem store here :)
    -First I'd love to see maybe a GW1 Dance Pack.. I miss all the individual dances from GW1 and how each profession/gender had their own dance. I also miss all the emotes!
    - More Hairstyles... Please, please. Long hairs! Flowers! Buns! Braids! There are some NPC hairs from LS3 that have flowers, that would be awesome. Even some of the old GW1 hairstyles from Cantha. Would be great to have some new styles thrown out there.
    - I'd like to see the Zodiac Medium and Heavy Sets Return, I am missing these.
    - PoF finisher set.. HoT had their own set, would love a PoF set that we could buy/earn. It worked well last time with them as Reward Tracks.
    - Dual saddles.. Can't tell you how many times I've heard this come up. We'd love to take a ride with our friends! Chairs also, or a chair. Something, pretty please.
    - Rose Focus Skin.. Maybe throw this out for Valentine's Day. Well loved skin from GW1.
    - Noble Human Attire.. I asked for this last time and I've seen other people ask for it. Always been a huge disappointment that we can't have this as armor.
    - Hats with HAIR. I swear the top hat used to show your hair, or a hair. I can't find my screen of it but I won't wear half the hats because they hide your hair. Give us our hair back please, we're not Britney. Even a set style for the hat would work.
    - I seen a person above mention Zaishen Menagerie Grounds, this would be AMAZING. As a person who has claimed all the pets on one ranger, it's very disappointing to have to do it again on my others. I have several rangers and it's such a pain to redo it.
    - Music Boxes.. These are so incredibly rare in PoF. I wouldn't say they need added to the gem store but maybe some achievements or something for some. Even a new set for achievement only would be nice.
    - Would be nice to be able to mix our outfit skins as individual pieces.. Idk if this is even plausible anymore, but it used to be very fun :D Fashion Wars <3

  • Please bring back" Feathers of the Zephyr Package " in Black Lion Statuette

  • Black Lion Statuette {Problems}

    Black Lion Statuette doesn't change for each big patch i don't know how long i have to wait
    just give players a change to acquire an item , make Black Lion Statuette selectable or change it every week.

  • Can the Dreadnot Raptor and Reforged Jackel skins come back to the Gem Store?

  • When will the reading glasses come back? :D

  • @Ivory.1635 said:

    • Hats with HAIR. I swear the top hat used to show your hair, or a hair. I can't find my screen of it but I won't wear half the hats because they hide your hair. Give us our hair back please, we're not Britney. Even a set style for the hat would work.

    I would like this too, I never use my "Celebration hat", because it makes all my characters look bald.
    The cap: https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Celebration_Hat

    It looks so weird on a character that normally isn't bald.
    The next anniversary of Guild wars 2 would be a good moment to re-introduce it, or make a different version of it that does have hair coming out from underneath, so that the people that like the bald one can still use that one aswell.

  • Avelione.6075Avelione.6075 Member ✭✭✭
    edited November 28, 2018

    Pajamas Outfit! Pls! With little choya and quaggan pattern on it! :D Pretty please! I want to run across Tyria in my pajamas so badly! Pls!

    Choya is love, Choya is life!

  • Foefire Wraps please.

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