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Policy: Looking For Group (LFG) Tool

The LFG (Looking for Group) Tool, when used as intended, helps bring players together to enjoy many types of game content, including Open World, Fractals of the Mists, and PvP. The LFG Tool is not intended to be used to advertise the sale of in-game items or for any purpose other than group formation.

Clearly, if a tool designed to aid group formation is flooded with messages about item sales and trades, it will be difficult for players to use it for its intended purpose. Beyond that, transactions initiated through advertising within the tool—that is, outside the Trading Post system—put players at risk of being scammed.

This is our policy on the use of the Looking for Group Tool:
Players may use the LFG Tool only for the formation of a group.

Players may use the tool to sell a spot in a group—because that can be part of the group formation process—but they may not use it for the sales or trades of items, nor for any other purpose.

Gaile Gray
Communications Manager: ArenaNet
Fansite & Guild Relations; In-Game Events; Community Showcase Live

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