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Mouse Cursor Problems (weak grip and/or cursor sliding)

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I've been having problems with my mouse cursor. (Razer Hex)
Other specs are: i7 6700, AMD R9 390(updated), Windows 7 64bit Home Premium (updated),
i also use the Razer and Logitech software (G510s), and Killer Network Manager (msi) on default, and also Discord.

Ocasionally when i try to right-click to look or move, it will not grip, or it will break grip.
Resulting in dangerous situations, usually death if during a fight.

Now, today i was fighting Balthazar (To Kill a God)
And midway through the fight, this problem became even weirder.
The cursor did not dissapear when l right-clicked. I could see it sliding across the screen, instead of me turning properly.
It was technically possible to turn this way, but only a tiny bit and very slowly, and the "grip" was "weak".

Logging out did not fix the issue, but restarting the game did.


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    Do a test in Windows... Go to your desktop. Right click and hold move it around.. see if the Context window pops up while you are still holding down the right click. Razers are known to having issues exactly what you are describing. I'm having the same thing with my Razer DH Elite. But it's a synapse issue it appears. I have to complete Format and not install the software for it to not do that. But my old DH Chroma doesn't have that issue. In most cases though.. it's the actual switches that are going bad. If it's doing it within Windows, it's a Razer issue. Proceed with them.

    To combat this I use both my left and right at the same time, as I don't wanna totally reformat right now, and I wanna use my Elite and not the old Chroma because the pads are smoother.

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    Razer is known for using low quality components, so a common problem with their mice is the buttons breaking in about a year. The switch underneath wears and makes poor contact, causing it to rapidly send on and off signals (spamming clicks) while you're holding it. If this is your problem, it will only get worse over time. You can temporarily fix it by cleaning the contacts, which requires remove the bottom pads, opening the mouse and popping the cap off the switch, but eventually it will get to a point where this is no longer effective and you'll either need to buy a new mouse, or replace the switches.

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    I'm pretty sure that voids your warranty. If it's still in warranty go through Razer. I've had a bunch of Razer mice and it's happened to a lot of them. But my Elite oddly enough is software not hardware.

  • Thanks for the help guys, but it seems that the mouse works fine on the desktop.
    So i dunno if it is broken or not.
    Besides, it usually fixes itself if i restart the game.
    It's weird.

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    Try clearing the GW2 Cache.

    Close out GW2 all the way.
    Open Explorer and in the Address bar type %localappdata%\Temp
    You should see a folder that looks similar to this gw2cache-{649CA17E-CD8C-206E-7DA1-9C648CCD6E20}
    Delete that and reload the game.

    Also are you using Discord with Overlay? If you use the hotkey (default is SHIFT+~) it will cause your mouse cursor to do funny things... The fix for that right now, is set it to the way you want, and just leave it. Stop moving the discord overlay around. That is... if you are using it.

  • OK, i will do that. Thanks a lot.

    I use discord but without overlay.
    And for push-to-talk i use Caps Lock.

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    Okay than it's probably not Discord.

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    To rule out a hardware issue, get a second mouse from whoever and see if it happens with the other mouse as well. It does not need to be the same model, just some other mouse. If the "grip" isn't as weak as with your regular mouse, it's a hardware issue with your regular mouse.

    Give it a try. I once had similar mouse issue that looked like a software issue (gone after restart and such), but in fact it was a hardware issue, since it was immediately and fully gone with a replacement mouse. I plugged both mouses in, and using the old mouse the issue happened and just switching my hand over to the new mouse the issue was not present. Going back to the old mouse, the issue happened again: the right mouse button has gone faulty.

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    I had the same problem with my Rat7 (it can happens with any mouse).

    I've done a lot of tests some time ago and found that is both a GW2 problem and a mouse switch problem...
    You can "test" your mouse right button with the Windows Paint application, just draw fast lines with using that button (you have to do it many times as the switch problem don't always happens), if you see some litte gaps within the lines your mouse is the main problem: that means the switch is doing an up/down click (usually < 30ms) while you are holding it down.
    Now, windows and many other games don't have problems with that behavior because they are able to sense both up and down clicks... but not GW2, it seems that the game is unable to feel clicks that are so fast and it will only receive the up command ignoring the other one.

    There are 3 solutions for it:
    1. Change your mouse (hoping will not happens also with the now one);
    2. Ask GW2 devs for a fix (will never happens XD);
    3. Use a simple AutoHotkey script to delay up/down clicks with a gap of less than 30ms (this is not a cheat, just a workaround).

  • I had the same problem with my mousepointer not "gripping" right click and it would just slide to the side. This caused a lot of problems for me when doing i.e jump puzzles etc. I had recently configured a gamepad to use for games on my PC, and this seem to have an impact whenever it is plugged in. So my solution was just to umplug the gamepad whenever I play GW2 and restart the game and the problem would be resolved.

    Hope this helps.