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Policy: Third-Party Programs; Multi-Boxing; Macros

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Third-Party Programs

ArenaNet does not offer services related to the review or approval of any third-party program. Our general policy is that anything that gives advantage is forbidden; anything that imbalances the game in favor of one player over another is strictly disallowed. With that said, we are aware that some utilities help players without affecting others; that is, they do not give one player an advantage over another. As a rule, we believe that the use of a 3rd-party program that meets those standards is acceptable for use in our game.

We make our policies clear in our User Agreement, Rules of Conduct, and the Conduct Breaches and Outcomes document, which you can find in the Legal Documentation section of our website.

You should know the following:

  • If you chose to use any third-party program, you do so at your own risk.
  • We cannot offer support if the third-party program affects Guild Wars or Guild Wars 2 and, for instance, makes the game unplayable. Likewise, any impact on your computer system that comes about as the result of the use of a 3rd-party program is solely your responsibility.
  • If you choose to use what you believe to be a "benign" program—one that does not give an advantage to the user—be sure to get it from a legitimate source to protect yourself from the possible addition of cheats or key-loggers.

The best way for a player to assess whether a specific third-party program could have any impact on another player or a PvP opponent is to ask:

  • "Does this program allow someone to play faster, better, longer, or more accurately than someone who doesn't use it?"
  • "Does this program allow someone to 'play' when he/she is not at the computer?"
  • "Does this program allow the user to gain undeserved rewards?"

If the answer to any of these questions is "yes"—or even "maybe"—then we strongly recommend that you do not use the program because to do so may place your Guild Wars or Guild Wars 2 account in jeopardy.

Please see this thread on the API Forum (in English) for information on how we provide support for the development of apps for Guild Wars 2.


Guild Wars 2 players are permitted to use macros as long as the macros are programmed with a one-to-one function protocol. This means the following:

  • If you program a macro, it must require one keystroke per action. You may not program a single key to perform multiple functions. For example, if you Press A and it results in the casting of a single skill, you're ok. If you Press A and it casts multiple spells, you're not ok.
  • You cannot program a macro to perform the same or multiple actions on more than one account at a time.
  • You cannot program an "auto-clicker" macro that, for instance, opens chests while you play elsewhere, or that opens a quantity of chests with a single click.
  • NOTE: We make an exception for macros used for music composition or musical performances. As long as a player employs such a macro solely for the performance of in-game music, we do not place restrictions on its use.

Dual- or Multi-Boxing

  • You may use more than one account at the same time.
  • You may use more than one computer at the same time.
  • You must be actively playing on each account.

  • As stated above, you may not program your keyboard to perform functions on more than one account at a time. For example, if you press W on your keyboard to move forward, a single character on a single account should move forward. The keystroke or mouse click should not perform functions on more than one account.

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