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Facing the truth bug

There is a breaking bug in the mission facing the truth. If you pick up any wedge other than one closest to sun symbol first, the "investigate the newly revealed area" checkpoint never progresses. This prevents you from placing any of the symbols as there is no "interaction".


  • I also had this bug.

  • Same here, although I did pick that one first; spent 15m walking around like a fool, gathered all the wedges, climbed to the top of the puzzle and finally, frustrated, quit the game. Good to know that it's, yet another, bug

  • Tsukronin.7085Tsukronin.7085 Member
    edited September 26, 2017

    Same here, can not progress through the story. Keeps freezing up when i pick up the wedge, then disconnects me from the servers.

    also wondering if there's a fix?

  • Is there any fix to this yet? Just had this happen and I can't continue.

  • I am also having this problem. Any tips how to progress? :<

  • Rung the bell before finding Kasmeer. Can't pick up ANY pieces.

    September 2017 this thread was created. Almost a year later and problems. Instantly regretting coming back.

  • Now over a year later and still bugged!!

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