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Necromancer Minion bug with mount

PLEASE fix the bug that's causing Necromancer's minion being unsummoned after dismount/mount too soon!!!
How long does it need to fix this bug?? It totally kill the fun to have a mount and barely use it because god forbid I somehow dismount and then engage bunch of mobs and my minions were UNSUMMONED!!! What kinda foolishness is this?? Also I noticed when I'm mounting in any (none water friendly mounts) as soon as I land the water with those mounts I end up with water with my summons UNSUMMONED again!!!!
Is this intentionally designed this way?!!! Why punish necromancer's summon?!!!

I have submitted this bug couple month ago and I hear NOTHING at all (and no improvements whatsoever)!!! HELLO is any developers working at all?? or this game is dead and all I see is the changes in Black Lion shop trying to get more money outta me but not working on some real bugs!! :/

Don’t just argue for the sake of arguing, I don’t have time for trolls!


  • I have this same issue. I use a minion build for overland exploration as well as most pve content... it's just too fun lazy minion build playing with a reaper. But they're unsummoned so often, and it's extremely aggravating. Anet really needs to work on their game.

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