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[NA] Raid | PVE | No rep Guild | [RYSE] LF new members!

KooZ.7619KooZ.7619 Member ✭✭
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[RYSE] is recruiting!
We are a fun and friendly guild cross-server that is mostly raid oriented. We currently have ~200 members. We don't have a rep requirement but feel free to enjoy the benefits we have. Our prime time is around server reset.

What we offer

-A friendly and helpful guild environment
-A level 69 guild hall

-Static group(s) for veterans looking for full clear without having to go through the coin flip PUG system plus having a good time.
-A substitute/sign up system in-game/on discord where you can fill in holes in static groups when your schedule allows you to attend because we understand that not everyone can commit weekly to a static group.

What we are looking for

-Raid commander(s) for training or static group(s) (Veterans are also available to help you turn into a great leader)

-Experienced raider (Chrono > DPS > Druid)


-Be respectful of others.
-Discord, it is our main communication media where we will post announcements and where we have useful information and raid sign up system. We don't require a mic, even though communication always makes it a better time, bring your ears along at least.
-Open mind related to raids, for those wanting to get into raids you might have to adapt your build/gear, it's not about optimal builds but it's about getting the job done.
-Dedication based on what you want to achieve. New raiders, note that being able to full clear require learning boss mechanics, some dps/heal/buff training and time.

Current Static schedule

Monday & Thursday at 8:30pm EST

Where to get in touch

IGN: KooZ.7619
Discord id: KooZ#1846
Discord server: https://discord.gg/e9K3xbX


  • KooZ.7619KooZ.7619 Member ✭✭

    Bump, update on roles/schedule for main static recruiting:

    Monday 8:30 pm EST (30mins after reset) wing 1-4
    Thursday same time wing 5

    We need chrono and dps, having multiple raid-ready characters is a big plus

  • KooZ.7619KooZ.7619 Member ✭✭

    Bump, still open spots!

  • KooZ.7619KooZ.7619 Member ✭✭

    Humpy Bumpy!

  • KooZ.7619KooZ.7619 Member ✭✭

    Bump, still recruiting all kind of raiders!

  • KooZ.7619KooZ.7619 Member ✭✭

    If someone would like to learn to lead a raid group, contact me, we would love to help you out with that! Bump

  • KooZ.7619KooZ.7619 Member ✭✭

    Changed a little bit what we need, top priority: new raid leader (with or without experience).

  • add me: kaixerglenn,5432

  • Heyo! I'm a semi-experienced player, been playing off and on for the past 2 years but looking to join an active guild to learn raids and fractal runs. Never really got into those before but always been curious, just unable to find people willing to train newbies like me! InfiniteRose.7389

  • KooZ.7619KooZ.7619 Member ✭✭

    Added you both, we are still looking for someone to step up to help/lead the newer people with the help of our vets.

  • Mandudez.8967Mandudez.8967 Member ✭✭

    Hi there, just wondering - what are your raiding times?

  • KooZ.7619KooZ.7619 Member ✭✭

    !!!! We just went under a few changes and updated the main message

    We are also hosting a fashion show with [PWRD] in 2 weeks. Anyone from either guild may come and join us for this!

    [RYSE] & [PWRD] present:

    When: June 13th 10:00pm EST
    Where: [RYSE] Guild Hall

    1st: 200 gold
    2nd: 100 gold
    3rd: 75 gold
    4th: 50 gold
    5th: 25 gold

    Show up 15 minutes early to participate, free entry

    We have a facebook page as well as a discord. Please comment below if you'd like to join!!! Or mail me in game

  • KooZ.7619KooZ.7619 Member ✭✭

    Bump, our static group needs new members for all roles!

  • Wake.5362Wake.5362 Member ✭✭

    Hi, I'm interested in joining. Multiclasser(mainly deadeye and druid/auramancer lately), exp in w1-4, semi-exp w5. I've got a few classes with 150 AR too. Currently at work or I'd message in game, but hopefully sending this will remind me to later! lol

  • Recruitment is open!

  • I'd love to join the static, I have w4/w1 and light exp in w2/w3, I can play condi/power daredevil, deadeye, power ele, condi necro, and chrono (although i'd rather not). I also have a bunch that can do fractals o/

  • Bump, the recruitment campaign is still going!

  • Currently looking to fill our static looking for Chrono/dps pref.

  • Hi, I'm interested in joining. Multiclass druid / off crono/ any dps class as needed.

  • KooZ.7619KooZ.7619 Member ✭✭

    Bump, we are still looking to fill our static with 1-3 members, all we need is dedication and experience.

  • Another bump, didn't fill all the spots, need 1 or 2 still.

  • I looking to get back in to raids. Been some time now but have a few classes druid thief and scourge are raid ready and one of each other class I can get set up easily. Any questions feel free to ask

  • KooZ.7619KooZ.7619 Member ✭✭

    Hope you all had a good holiday, we still are looking :)

  • Would your guild be open to new/learning raiders hoping to hang out and learn a thing or two, or even just socials? Sorry if that was already answered in the "what we are looking for" section, I figured if there was ~200 members its worth asking haha

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