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Need some Food advice

Just finishing up HoT right now, and working my way up the Fractal ladder on my Guardian, and I need some advice on food. There are so many recipes in this game, it makes my head hurt. (Ironically, GW2 is such an accessible game, with enough to keep casuals and hardcores happy - until you start crafting lol.)

Anyways, I'm playing Power Core Guard Zeal / Radiance / Virtues (don't care for DH traps), and I'm looking for something I can use while just doing open world in HoT / PoF, achievement hunting and fractals.

Ideally I think I want something with +Power and +Vit, but I'm debating something with health regen
For me, survivability is my #1 issue, especially in HoT; I already run 6/6 Rune of the Dolyak, 2 celestial rings and my chest is Valkyrie - rest is 'Zerk.

  • I'm almost to 400 Chef
  • I'd rather something that had easily obtained ingredients, even if it's a lower tier recipe. I'm not trying to set DPS records in a raid or anything.
  • Also would prefer an easily obtained recipe! I have enough to grind for ascended pieces.

Thanks in advance!


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