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Hero Points?

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Looking at the API list in the wiki, I got my hopes up seeing that there was a heropoints extension to the characters API, since that was perfectly in line with a personal project of mine.

So I have it where I'm fetching the completed heropoints for my characters, but it appears the list is truncated to 200 results. I tried tricks like ?ids=all and then looked pagination, but ?page=2 returns the same list, and the X-Page-xxx response headers are missing, so it doesn't look like that endpoint supports pagination.

Any thoughts on how to get the complete list of completed heropoints? There's currently over 280 challenges, so 200 isn't enough.

Anyone else using this endpoint, and can attest if it's actually useful to continue hacking at?



  • Are you sure its truncated for you, and it's not the character you are testing with exactly 200 points unlocked? For me it returns 236 results.

  • The character I was testing with is my main character, who, if she doesn't have all of them, is missing fewer than 5. And I'm pulling for several characters, who are all getting something different than what they've actually unlocked. I'm at work now, so can't double check too much.
    I did visually inspect my main's result set, and none of the HoT or PoF (easily seen via the "1-xxx" and "2-xxx" prefixes) were listed.

  • Yeah, @darthmaim.6017 already created issues 618 and 619 for it when I noticed those exact problems give or take an hour after your main post.

  • Okay, home now, some more debugging. I'm getting 211 responses, on a character that has all Hero Points unlocked (404 pts to spare after maxing all training).

    I've also combed across several of my other characters to look for some patterns. Here's what I've seen:

    • for HoT, if you all the HPs done, none of them appear
    • for PoF, I didn't register a single HP completed, with characters at various stages of completion.
    • sometimes the Silverwastes disappears when you have all of it, other times it doesn't

    There are also some HPs that don't seem to ever get listed in the API:
    ('Ascalon', '0-121')
    ('Auric', '1-17')
    ('Kryta', '0-145') ('Kryta', '0-153') ('Kryta', '0-57') ('Kryta', '0-65') ('Kryta', '0-9')
    ('Maguuma', '0-105') ('Maguuma', '0-113') ('Maguuma', '0-25') ('Maguuma', '0-49')
    ('Orr', '0-161') ('Orr', '0-169') ('Orr', '0-177') ('Orr', '0-185')
    ('Shiverpeaks', '0-17') ('Shiverpeaks', '0-33') ('Shiverpeaks', '0-81') ('Shiverpeaks', '0-89') ('Shiverpeaks', '0-97')
    ('Tangled', '1-25')
    ('Verdant', '1-1')('Verdant', '1-9')

    I also found some other HPs which appeared for some characters who had completed them, but not for others. These are too tedious to list.

    In the end, this data source is currently just way too buggy to serve any use.