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Trouble accessing Living world Season 4 Episode 1 (Solved)

I bought the path of fire dlc and I have finished living world season 3. Episode 1 of season 4 "Daybreak" is locked and it says i must purchase for 200 gems however episode 2 is unlocked, my friends who have bought dlc have not experienced this and are able to play the first episode and access the Isle of Istan. Can anyone help explain why this is the case and if it can be resolved.


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    Living World works like this: When an Episode is released, all players unlock it for their account by logging in during that release period (which is anywhere between around 2 months to 4 months). If a player doesn't log on during that time, then they have to unlock the Episode by buying it from the gem store. So, it sounds like you weren't playing when Season 4 Episode 1 was released, which means you have to pay for that one.

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  • Thanks for helping out

  • I have a problem then, I have and was playing during that time. I am working on path of fire now and purchased season 2 and 3 i did not want to skip so i just kept playing. my friend wanted to see if it was unlocked that is how i found out...

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