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Grape Stomp 2018 - April 21

Hi all heroes of Tyria,

You have fought Dragons and killed many champions. But now it is time to stomp the grapes!
On April 21, at Noon EST, Gamers Giving back is organising the anual Grape Stomp in the Silverwastes.

Why? on may 19 we organize the MS Toga Party in Divinities Reach. What is a Toga party without the wine!

Everyone is welcome while we RIBA-farm the silverwastes. All the gold gained will be used for prizes during the MS Toga party. The ultimate goal however is to fight Multiple Sclerosis (

On the event day, taxi's will be provided in the LFg-tool. This event is happening both in NA and in EU. More details will follow soon!

Official event website:
Donation link:
*note that our focus for the funds raised is International Research Programs

Hope to see you all!!

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