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Unable to log into support site, keep getting routed to account overview

I have been trying to get ahold of someone from AN for the past 4 days. My email was compromised and I had to close the account, I informed you of this and you let me change my login info but you left the invalid authenticator on the account and I can't remove it. Ever since you updated my account info I can no logger log in and access the support site either. I keep getting routed back to my account overview. I've been sending emails /tickets through the anonymous system giving you my new account info and the reference numbers for days.


  • The CS Team is back-logged due to high volume. If you received the near-immediate automated response, they will reply as soon as possible. If you sent in multiple tickets, the response will be delayed. Close all duplicate tickets, and only update the original.

    Good luck.

  • I have received the the automated response. However, I've been asking for this authentication be be taken off since the 19th. It was in my original request when I said my email had been compromised. I think they may have just forgotten.

  • And did you update your ticket? To remind them?

  • Yes. I've been updating it everyday. Now I suddenly can't connect to the client, I was actually kicked out and if I try to connect through the command line or through a different IP, I'm locked out because of the authenticator.

  • Then, you just have to wait while your ticket makes it through the queue (again), or the Team completes the necessary work involved.

    Good luck.

  • Thanks. Everything's fixed now.

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