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Virtues or Valor for support Firebrand in WvW ?

I am following the same default build from but with renewed focus instead of mantra of liberation, and monk's focus instead of altruistic healing. I still can't decide which traitline is more useful. Overall, Valor seems to complement well with the meditation utility skills and the low cd heal skills but I am not sure if the benefits from the Virtues traitline - especially the tome cd reduction - makes it better than Valor.

Which traitline do you prefer in WvW ? I am new to firebrand and do not run with an organized group if that helps.


  • Felipe.1807Felipe.1807 Member ✭✭✭

    I run Honor/Valol/FB...the lower cooldown on tomes from virtues is nice and all, but Honor is way to good...i wouldnt recomend Renewed Focus, while its good to reset your tomes and get a invul if you are getting focused, the AoE stunbreaker from Elite Mantra is much more usefull, and being a boon machine like FB, Altruistic Healing helps a lot to keep your health allways at 100% lol.
    But you say you dont run with organized groups...that means you run solo roam? Or just follow any randon commander? If it is roaming...FB is just not good, core guard and DH are much better choices...if its is following a commander without a meta comp, I believe Honor/Valor/FB still better, the extra survival from Monk Focus and Renewed Focus is just way to selfish, if you playing FB i think your main goal should be to be as supportive as possible.

  • Jethro.9376Jethro.9376 Member ✭✭✭

    On that note:
    Right now i'm using basically the "meta" setup only with celestial stats instead of minstrel.
    Should i stay on runes of durability since i have less defense than minstrel? HP wise i'm good most of the time but i feel like i could do more/better.

  • zaw.6741zaw.6741 Member ✭✭
    edited April 24, 2018

    for roaming, look elsewhere, fb is to slow for it

    for any kind of zerg, organized or pug, id say stick to honor/virtues. battle presence and absolute resolution are really strong sustains, tomes recharge is whole other level of convenience. while MI is cool skill, i dont think its worth going whole line just for 1 grandmaster that affect 1 of your utilities, and other traits effects you wont even notice in zerg fights.

    as for celestial with durability...been runing it for a while, swapped to minstrel (with some celestial mixed, more than 3200 armor is a waste) with water. and oh man, that REALLY is a difference, in both healing and selfsustain. but generally, when enemy has 10+ scourges spamming shades, even full nomads wont save you.

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