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Newbie seeking help :)

Hi guys! I just downloaded the game. Are there any NA based PH/SEA players around? Or which server can you guys suggest for me? I'm from the Philippines. Is it safe to use WTFAST? I'll be needing it to lower my ping.And lastly any tips for a newbie like me? I would be playing thief with pistols as I love guns and rifles. Always a gun class in any MMO I've played before. Thanks guys!!


  • mercury ranique.2170mercury ranique.2170 Member ✭✭✭✭

    Servers only matter for World versus world. The rest of the game is on a single mega server (with only a difference between all of NA and all of EU). Maps fill with those actively playing. When the online playerbase drops (e.g. cause the US goes to bed), people are encouraged to go to a different instance of the map and the low populated ones will no longer be filled. So bottom line. You will always be dropped in the map with people who are currently online and playing.
    Even for WvW it is no longer of much interest as they announced that in a bit of time, the system will change to one that favours guilds and alliances to fill up a world instead of the server of origin.
    Short answer to WTFast: It is ok to use.
    Longer answer. Arenanet will not tell us if third party app A or B is ok to use. It happened that an app that was fine got updated with a very illegal feature. So you need to look at what the app does and monitor if things are added that might get you into trouble.
    WTFast provides a VPN. This feature or functionality doesnt pose a problem at the moment. However, this technology can be used to bypass IP-bans. If a specific VPN is used too much for this purpose, they might change this stance. But at the moment there is no indication for this at all.

    As for thief with pistols. This game doesnt know the trinity like other MMO's. So you do not have tanks and healers (actually, you have in some very specific end game content, but this is so far away that for the sake of this post, it is best to assume there is not). This also means that melee weapons always deal a bit more damage. Using ranged weapons is better for survivability. But as you can survive in melee range for 95% of all the fights, using ranged means you are not the most efficient fighter. I would take this in consideration. You can equip two weapon sets, so it is no problem to wield pistols between fights and use them a bit. Just take my advice to not focus on them alone.

    Last of all. Welcome to Tyria!

  • Ok thanks! So which do you think would be a good partner weapon set to a pistol? Rifle? or a bow? Net here in PH sucks so bad plus it's really far from US so we really have no option but to use VPN's. Again thanks man :D

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    Mercury Ranique has done a really good job answering your questions. :) Only thing I'd add is to forget what you know from other MMOs. This one is different in a lot of ways.

    Some of them are major differences - for example there are no quests. Instead there's story missions which are (almost) all instanced, and Dynamic Events which involve the same sort of activities as typical open-world quests (guard this, kill that, collect 10 rats) but will start, proceed and end regardless of whether you (or anyone else) is participating. You can jump in whenever you see them (even if someone else is already doing it) and stop whenever you want to do something else and as long as you're on the map when it ends you'll get credit for your participation.

    There's a lot of more minor differences too which can still have a big impact - for example there's 'only' 6 tiers of equipment, and not a massive increase in stats between them (especially at the higher end). The good part is it means it's relatively easy (compared to many other games) to get 'end game' equipment. The bad part is if you're struggling with something you can't simply buy or find better gear to make it easier. There probably will be things you can change to make it easier, but they're not that simple. It's more about understanding your build, how and why it works and how to use it effectively.

    Take your time learning the game and pay attention to what it's telling you rather than assuming it's just like previous games you've played and you'll have a much easier time with it. And if there's anything you don't understand feel free to ask, either here or in-game. You can also use the Wiki which has a lot of useful info. (It should have all of it, but it's a constant work in progress.) Don't be offended if someone refers you to the Wiki or otherwise recommends doing your own research. A lot of seemingly simple questions like "Where can I get a good sword?" can have quite complicated answers which aren't always possible to give in chat.

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  • mercury ranique.2170mercury ranique.2170 Member ✭✭✭✭

    @jenosmaverick.8694 said:
    Ok thanks! So which do you think would be a good partner weapon set to a pistol? Rifle? or a bow? Net here in PH sucks so bad plus it's really far from US so we really have no option but to use VPN's. Again thanks man :D

    There are four weapon types.
    Two handed

    A weaponset can consist of a single two handed weapon. A combination of a onhand and offhand, or two on/offhand weapons (dualwield). I would always choose atleast an onhand melee weapon. the offhand can be ranged if you want (but you should play the set as melee range). The other set (you can switch too in combat) should be ranged. There are situations you can use both sets as melee, but using both as ranged is not efficient.

    I recommend using pistol pistol for a ranged set and personally I support sword-dagger for the melee set. Atleast to start with. But please try all weapons and sets and combinations.

  • Ronan.9518Ronan.9518 Member ✭✭✭

    Just an example what a pistol+pistol build could look like. Note that you need the Path of Fire Expansion for the Deadeye specialization and that i'm rarely playing thief, so there are for sure others who could give better advice.

  • Sephylon.4938Sephylon.4938 Member ✭✭✭✭

    kung gusto mo thief, pisol pistol at dagger pistol or sword pistol, maganda. Di ka makakagamit ng rifle pag wala kang path of fire, at kailangan mong mag lvl 80 muna para makuha mo deadeye.
    (if you want a thief try p/d and d/p or sw/p. You won't be able to use a rifle unless you have pof, and you also first need to be lvl 80 to unlock de)

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  • I forgot to mention I bought Path of fire already. I did abit of research aswell and seems rifle and pistols aren't preferred for pve but can somehow work on pvp. I guess I'll try to make it work and do more research thanks guys!!!

    Thanks!San homeworld mo? Looking for a PH guild din sana ako eh hehe.

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