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Branching out a linear story/Flashbacks (Like in a screenplay)

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In screenplay you can have a flashback, or a cut-to scene to fill in missing information, and to also show multiple perspectives without ruining the linear direction of the story.
My question is: Would it be possible to show the perspective of the Tengu and how some clans split up and decided to fight (if I'm correct) for or with Mordremoth in Maguuma? I could see an expansion where the Tengu is made as a playable race, and while the linear story of Guild Wars 2 still continues, the personal story of the Tengu would be a flashback of sorts and they wouldn't be the main Commander, but foot soldier of sorts? I understand that this probably isn't being considered at the current time in the game, but it's hecka cool to think about.

Edited to suggest Tengu as secondary character from the Commander.



  • It's possible that we could do something like that, but not likely. Unless we severely constrained what you could do while playing as a tengu, this would increase scope to a level that's well outside what we can normally produce for a Living World release.

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