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My questions/thoughts [spoilers]

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Hi Devs and fellow lore friends. :)

I'd been thinking about what questions/deep thoughts I will include in here and here they're.

Caithe and her "shadowy" nature

Few weeks ago I was talking to my guildies about Caithe, then I realized something very interesting about Caithe and about her acting.

Caithe is very interesting character that had really tough past, killing her fellow Sylvari Wynne, romance with Faolain, killing the centaurs and this mess in her head made her acting just like she is right now- mysterious, shadowy, distrustful. She asks somebody to trust her, while she doesn't want to trust anyone. But what hit me most was the line: "Remember, I'm a shadow...". Then after some analysis I think I finally found out what she meant.

There're a lot of people that had terrible past, some choices they regret, even killing somebody. Their past changes them, they can't trust themselves, they become shadows, shadows of their true identity- somebody that cares about somebody else, even though sometimes their deeds deny it.

Shadow is never the truest reflection, I am looking forward to the day in that Caithe will no longer be a shadow, but Caithe.

Rytlock and why he kept Glint's meeting in secret for so long, what did she tell to him?

I was looking forward to find out what Rytlock was hiding since he left the Mists. We had to wait the whole HoT, Season 3 and some chapters of PoF, and when finally he started talking, it didn't make any sense- he said that found out that he released the Prisoner after he called him "friend", but it can't be the secret that you can keep for so long, right? Also then he said he met Glint, but it was kinda obvious because of the Herald specialization.

What did Glint tell him? What did he see after he become the Revenant? Why there are chained Spirits in the Mists? Was Balthazar imprisoned actually in Grenth's domain (Hall of Chains)? So why he didn't want to cooperate with Dhuum?

I don't want you answer that questions, but it's very interesting to theorize.

The future of the Inquest and Overseer Kuda

Since Rata Primus and the base in Faharanur were destroyed, and the Inquest were turned into mindless Awakened, I wonder if it's gonna decrease Inquest's influence. What about Kuda then? She seemed to be somebody very important- most likely Kudu's daughter, so she most likely has some HQ. When there was an escape from Rata Primus, we could see the Inquests entering some portals. Where were they heading though? Another big base?

I wonder why the Inquest were retreating from Rata Primus in such hurry, they built such massive building and then after some attacks they just surrendered... I think it means that they have something even bigger than this massive cube in Sandswept Isles.

How could Gorrik and Blish create the portal out from the space back to the ship in Rata Primus?

It was kinda weird he could locate us so fast and bring us back from the space... What kind of technology they use?!

Did you ever consider to kill Taimi in Daybreak?

Maybe in the eariest stages of storytelling?

Thanks for your attention!

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    I Don't really know much about caithe and Glint so can't really express myself.

    Totally agree about the three last points since I'm familiar with them. Dunno for inquest, I always thought that the crucible of eternity was their Headquarters, but you hyped me, I would enjoy to see a bigger base! :) But the fact they surrendered is illogical due to the lastly developped Mark Exterminator golems.
    I'm Impatient to discover who is Kudu's wife, she should be more crazy than him.. :scream:

    About Blish and Gorrik, their teleportation technology don't surprise me, we have one~way teleporters after all.. And for taimi ahem....
    She could transfer her mind into a golem but that is Inquest's work. ^^

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