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Potentially a quick answer, did they all get wiped out? Necromancer was one of my favorite classes in GW1, and I loved how Verata progressed from a trainer to a betrayal to a leader of his own criminal guild/cult. Was it's final fate being taken out by the PC in GW1, or did some part of it survive? Also, Verata betrayed the order of necromancers in the first game, but I don't believe I've seen anything about that original order either in GW2. Does it still exist in some capacity?



  • Verata and his guild (or cult or whatever you want to call it), like many of the side stories in GW1, haven't extended beyond their original purpose. The story was told and then we moved on. Is it possible that part of that society survived? Maybe. But speaking in development terms, we'd only continue that storyline if we felt it was really interesting and/or it tied into the other stories we're doing these days.

    If, for RP purposes, you want to imagine that guild existing in present-day Tyria go right ahead. I bet there'd be some cool themes to explore.

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