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Will the Hero-Tron return this season?

No spoilers just a simple yes or no or even a maybe. The job-o-tron/hobo-tron was a nice character during S1 of the living world. He had a small dialogue update with PoF talking with Ogden about the golem's independent thought but was not present in the actual prologue. Will the beloved golem return as a recurring/supporting character? I miss him.

It'd be interesting to see him interact with Blish and Taimi since Hero-tron s proof that not all golems are bound by simple programming and can have free will and "humane" interactions even as machines. Or his unwilling spying for Evon will pay off with new refugees popping up in LA? Evon should know of Ellen's refusal to have the Council involved in the new crisis

Also I know Yuri went to record lines and while it might be Faren, I hope it also includes Hero-tron :bleep_bloop: :wink:

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