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Six Human Gods arrival

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Recently I was reading about GW lore to know better what is going about. I found different information about where the Six arrived in Tyria first.

The Six Human Gods wiki page say that

The Gods first stepped from the Mists into Tyria at the Artesian Waters, a place of such power that they were drawn to it from across realities.

Timeline page says

786 BE Six Human Gods appear in Cantha for the first time and bring humans, who settle the northern coastline before spreading completely across the continent.

What is the truth? :wink:


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    You actually see it in your post itself.
    "Human gods appeared in cantha for the first time" this only states that they appear there for the first time and not the first time in general so thus the first statement should be right.

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    It seems legit but...

    Six Human Gods wiki page says

    Together, the gods built Arah, and gathered artifacts of power from across Tyria to their city, including the Bloodstone and the Mystic Telescope. Abaddon designed a set of magically warded reliquaries in Siren's Landing where the gods could keep their priceless and powerful artifacts, relics and knowledge safe from thieves and defilers with his reliquary as the centerpiece. (...) For a time, the gods lived among the humans of Orr. They had a working relationship with the leader of the humans, Doric. Doric was the first to kneel at Dwayna's feet, begging for an end to the wars that harmed his people. These events are dated 115 BE in the Scriptures of Dwayna. He was later crowned as the first King of Tyria.

    Maybe Six Human Gods wiki page is missing Cantha part? Or there was some change in concept in time?

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