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Questions About Arkk/the FotM plotline!

Hi! I'm a really big fan of the character Arkk and I have a few questions about him/his continued involvement in the story! I'm going to put them under a spoiler tag, if you haven't done the three Arkk-related fractals story instances please look away! :)

1.) Is ArenaNet planning more Arkk content? It feels like the latest things going on in the LS tie in REALLY neatly to his studies! And, I guess relatedly...
2.) Is the Arkk we see in FotM actually Arkk, or is he just a Mists echo of Arkk realizing that he's a Mists echo? Did Dessa and Arkk, in reality, escape? I've seen a lot of heated debate on this subject, it feels like it could possibly be ambiguous?
3.) Are there more fractals instances planned that will continue/further the FotM storyline with Arkk and Dessa, or possibly Arkk's dad?? What is Dessa's relationship to the Uncategorized Fractal asura with the afro?! Please devs we're dying for answers!!

Thank you in advance for your consideration and please give the people responsible for Arkk's storyline a high five because oh man it's legitimately really really good, my guildies love him and are excited for more!!


  • I've gotta join the bandwagon, I really adore/adored the overarching plot within the Fractals and Arkk's characterisation especially, whomever wrote him did a great job, the VA presented him in such an astounding manner too!
    I was and still am deeply intrigued in the lore of the fractals and the remaining mysteries surrounding our endlessly interesting Asuran characters, I hope we can get some kind of answer on whether we'll be finding out more in the near future!

  • One last bump before time's up? Honestly even a cheeky "maybe" about seeing this stuff crop back up would be kinda nifty

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