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savepoints??? which savepoints?

I was told recently in a topic about story instances getting DC'ed that the the new ones in PoF had some sort of check points so if you would get disconnected you would start form there instead of the WHOLE thing again
well, i've gotten DC'ed many times and not ONE SINGLE time there was such a thing. I just did the departed instance, i went through the fight with balthazar, and then the dead part, and got dced after trying to find my impostors, and i get DC'ed and have to do everything from hte beginning, EVEN the battle with balthazar which was in ANOTHER map even! i mean even if changing maps is not enough for a checkpoint, what is then?
this has been happening since the launch of the game. and the many DC's only happen in here, no other game i get them as much as here.
So if your game has a winky connection, PLEASE at least have actual checkpoints that let you save some of your progress instad of making you lose the last 30 mins.

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