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Question about the God's Realms.

I'm unsure if this question has been asked before, but with the scene in PoF and Kormir, and later returning to her library. It is falling apart. Originally Kormir had remade the Domain of Anguish into the library. Does this mean the whole domain will be collapsing and never exist at all? Or will it fall back to where it previously existed? I.E. DoA style abominations and crazy malformed beasts?

This also kinda segue's into Balthazar and his untimely death. For his followers and such in the Fissure of Woe (His reality.) Would it fall apart too? What about Menzies? He's imprisoned in the fissure, and is also a god (Just like Dhuum.) And we established that Dhuum is or was continuing to support the underworld even with Grenth gone. I'd be really interested to see another god of war arise (Since we established that the gods aren't all truthful, it would be interesting to see his perspective on his imprisonment), and or someone take over and stabilize the Fissure. Are there any plans to address these thoughts?

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