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really low fps in new maps?

i had no issue with HoT maps, even though they look more demanding than the PoF ones, but in the new maps and specially when mounting, i get really low fps, like 10 or less sometimes... anyone else having this problem too?


  • My FPS is around 20-25 at times in PoF maps as opposed to 50-70 elsewhere in the game.

  • Jwake.7013Jwake.7013 Member ✭✭✭

    I'm in NA, my normal with no one around is about 45-65 and that's been about the same. I will say within large groups I do get more ping spike problems then I have in other maps but fps drops to around 15-25 which is also normal for me when doing large group stuff.

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    I also have fps drop at the PoF maps. The rest of the game and HoT is fine, i can run full settings but not in PoF maps, it drops to 7-17 fps. Im having ridiculous fps drop there even when i turn the settings to lowest and no one else is around. I hope its something they can fix. Its really annoying, expansions should be just as playable as the rest of the game. I cant get a new computer just to be able to play PoF as smooth as the rest of the game.

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    I wanted to do more testing, but it's good to know I'm not the only one finding this. If I'm running with a 50 person squad in HoT or Core maps my fps is a solid 60 (might go higher but I'm using V-sync as 60hz monitor), in PoF 50 person squads it often drops to around 20 or less. At times I'm getting higher fps with 100+ people at world bosses, than I am with a 30-50 person squad in PoF! It's even to the point where if I use a WP with the squad in PoF the game will lag so much that my character will remain stuck at the waypoint running on the spot for 5-10 seconds before the game works out where I actually am and then jumps me to that point, that doesn't happen anywhere else in the game.

    My initial thoughts are that it's because of all the extra verts on the mount models that are causing the issue, which is what I was concerned about with the addition of mounts. But at the moment I haven't been in a 50 person fully mounted squad outside of PoF to test that. But even roaming solo the performance feels a lot worse than core and HoT maps, about 5-10fps lower and a bit more laggy/juddering. I'm thinking the later is due to the map size, hopefully that might be negated once I replace my game drive with an SSD (don't have space on my main SSD).

    My system is only mid range (3.4ghz i5 3570k, 8gb, gtx660 2gb), so yes there's room for improvement, but I honestly think if peoples systems have been running 50+ fps quite comfortably in the rest of the game, and are suddenly dropping to under 20fps in PoF then there's clearly an optimization problem with PoF.

    *edit - I just did some solo roaming in PoF and I'm getting about 30-35fps, where as solo exploration in HoT & core is solid 60fps.

  • What a Rediculous think geting 17-30 fps with gtx 1070 in new maps.We pay for this :(

  • Raizel.8175Raizel.8175 Member ✭✭✭✭

    I also think it has to do with some weird programming. The worst offender is Serpents Ire, where your fps drop to near zero at the beginning of the event. I mean: kitten?

  • Zedek.8932Zedek.8932 Member ✭✭✭
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    I got an Octacore (we all know how bad CPU utilization is) and a GTX1080. FullHD. I turn off Anti Alias, because in this game it works well (e.g. my Springer looks far better, as well as my hairstyle), but guess what: Low Frames. I replaced my old i7-3770 and GTX970 because Dishonored 2 pushed that system too far (90°C MOSFET temperature). Spent 2.400€ (!) for a new computer. Runs like a charm. Cool, quiet, fast, massive memory, SSD, 2 hard disks, high-end CPU and GPU. I launch GW2. Sad Trombone I can clearly feel here and there that the game runs a bit better, mostly the GPU that fills in the gap, but when I see that Dishonored 2 finally runs as smooth as ice - and a game from 2012 crawls with 23 fps at only 50% CPU and 60% Direct3D usage, I could rip my hairs out.

    The problem can be so diverse it's not even funny.
    In FF14, there was a similar problem: In a special spot in Gridania, when you faced a wall (!!) with nothing to render, the game became so incredibly slow. Turning the camera into 50 people: 60fps. So I am afraid it's not just "da engine", it's really some spaghetti code problem that won't be fixed ever..

    Sigh. I feel you guys.

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    I notice most of you are listing nVidia GPUS. There is a known issue with nVidia drivers and GW2 at the moment from what I've seen.

    Also, PoF maps are 2-3 times larger than most of the other maps in game with a lot more detail and stuff going on. With the system being CPU driven, not even a Titan X would matter when trying to squeeze FPS out of these maps currently.

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  • blambidy.3216blambidy.3216 Member ✭✭✭

    I haven’t tested pof maps on fps. But on my old cpu there was always a difference between tyria and expansions. On my old pc it would do like 30 in tyria but in pof or hot it would be at 20. I got a way better pc. But so far the expansions do make pc drop in fps for new one too. 80-90 FPS in tyria But 60-70 FPS in hot. Haven’t tried pof yet with it.

    But to let u know expansions will be harder on computer

  • Same here... This is currently my biggest gripe with the game. 6 year old game versus capable computer built in 2017, and my computer gets owned. No excuses besides shoddy programming. And you're right, it won't get fixed because the problem is way too embedded at this point. I shudder to see what the next major content release does to FPS, as bad as it already is.

  • Umut.5471Umut.5471 Member ✭✭✭

    PoF has better and more detailed textures and more intense effects. It's nothing unexpected.
    The main problem here is the GPU utilization, even new cards like GTX1080-1080ti doesn't perform well.
    The game uses more CPU instead of taking GPU power as an advantage. They need to modernize the
    game engine and fix stability problems to overcome the low fps problem.

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