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FAQ about Using the Forums

As a member of the Guild Wars 2 Official Forums,


Start a thread?

  • On the index page, select the sub-forum in which you wish to post. You can reach the index page by selecting "Home" or "Categories" at the top of any page.
  • Once you are in the correct sub-forum, select "New Discussion" at the top right of the page.

Post in an existing thread?

  • Add your comments in the blank frame below the most recent comment, to the right of your avatar.
  • After you have written your comments, you may choose "Post Comment" to make it live on the forums, or "Preview" to check the content.

    • To make changes to the content while previewing, click "Edit" and then either "Preview" again or "Post Comment."
  • If you wish to save a draft for the future, choose "Save Draft." You can return to your post later by clicking "My Drafts" in the Account Options section—the "gear" icon—at the top of the page.

Report a thread or post that needs a moderator review?

  • Click the word "Report" next to a flag icon below the content of the post.
  • Choose a reason for the report from the list, or specify a reason in the Notes field.
  • Use the Notes field to provide additional details, which are always appreciated.
  • Click "Send Report" to submit.

Edit my post after I have posted it?

  • If you have saved your post to the forum and wish to make changes afterwards, click the thread, then click the gear icon to the right of the top of the post.
  • Note: Recruits (new accounts, or accounts with 5 or fewer posts) have a 4-hour window for edits. Accounts at Member rank and above have an infinite window for edits.

Edit my post after previewing it?

  • To preview a post, click "Preview" below the message pane.
  • To edit, click "Edit" while in Preview mode, make changes, then click "Save." If you decide not to accept your edits, click "Cancel." If you click "Preview" then be sure you save afterwards, to retain your changes.

Delete a post?

  • Members cannot delete posts, but you can remove the content of your post and replace it with a brief message, such as "Removed topic." If you are at Recruit level of forum membership, you must do so within the four-hour editing timeframe assigned to your forum rank. Those at ranks above Recruit can do so at any time.
  • Click the "Report" flag at the bottom of the post, then choose "Other" and explain that you want your post removed. Please note that deletions are made at the discretion of the moderators, but in most cases we are able to accommodate the removal request.

Create a poll?

  • Mouse-over the "New Discussion" option and choose "Create a poll" in the drop down menu.
  • Enter a subject for your poll.
  • Input the first optional response.
  • Choose whether you wish to make the poll responses anonymous. (We recommend allowing members to respond anonymously and then inviting them to provide details, as an optional post in the thread.)
  • Choose the grey "Add another poll option" for each additional response option.
  • When you have added all options, click "Save Poll."
  • Note: Polls cannot be edited and options cannot be added, so please post carefully.

Create an "Ask a question" post? (Such posts offer the option for members or moderators to note "Accepted answers" from posts in the thread.)

  • Mouse-over the "New Discussion" option and choose "Ask a question."
  • Formulate your subject line to describe the question, and ask the question in the body of the post.
  • Click "Ask Question" to post.

Find a draft I saved earlier?

  • Click "Account Options" to the right of your user name at the top of the page.
  • Click "My Drafts" and then the title of the post you want to review.
  • Click "Post Discussion" when you are ready to post the contents.
  • Click "Save Draft" if you want to come back to it later.

Delete a draft?

  • From your My Drafts page, click the small "X" in the upper right corner of your saved draft.

Find the threads in which I've been active or the threads I've started?

  • Go to your profile page by clicking on your Display Name at the top of the page.
  • On the right-hand side of your profile page, click on either the word "Comments" for threads in which you've interacted or "Discussions" for threads you've created

Quote a post in an existing thread?

  • Click the "Quote" function immediate below the text in question. The message frame that opens will have the cursor in place to start your comments.

Link to a specific post in a thread?

  • Click the date of the post in question, right click, and choose "Copy link address."
  • You may also elect to select the date of the post, right click, "Open in a new window," and then copy the link from your browser.

Set a Signature? (Available at Member level)

  • Click your Display Name at the top of the page
  • Find the small profile, to the left of your avatar section/to the right of your Display Name
  • Choose "Edit Profile" then "Signature Settings" to the right of the page
  • Insert your signature: Use standard fonts (no headings, no colors) and limit to 300 characters and no more than 3 lines, please
  • Click "Save"

Embed or display an image?

  • For security reasons, the forum does not permit directly-embedded images.
  • You may embed an image from Tumblr, YouTube, Facebook, or Imgur by using the Image Url option in the editing bar above the text frame.
  • For a very helpful member-created tutorial, please see this post.

Format a post?

  • These forums use Markdown. Several formatting guides are available on the Internet.

Choose an avatar?

  • Click your user name at the top of the page. Then click "Change image" to the right of your Display Name on the Profile File and select from a bank of possible avatars.

Add an emoji?

  • A full list of emojis available on the forums is provided here. Please use emojis wisely, and do not use them to mock, ridicule, or insult another member.

Send a Private Message? (Available a Member level)

  • Click your in-box at the top of the page, to the right of your Display Name
  • Click "New Message" at the top of the box containing your PMs.
  • Input the name of your PM recipient, insert your message, and click "Post Message."


  • Click the name of your recipient in any post.
  • On their profile page, click "Message" above and to the left of that member's avatar.
  • Choose "Message" and write what you'd like to send and click "Post Message."

Remove myself from a Private Message conversation?

  • Open your Private Messages.
  • Click "Leave Conversation" in the upper right.

Tag someone in a post?

  • In the comment field, type the @ symbol, then immediately afterwards start writing the first few letters of the member's name.
  • Choose the correct name from the drop-down box.

See my account details?

  • To see your entire account history or to make changes to your account, click your Display Name at the top of the page.

Log out of the forums?

  • Click the Account Options "gear" icon at the top of the page, and then choose "Sign Out."

Post about a bug or issue on the forums? Share a suggestion for the forums?

Switch from desktop to mobile view?

  • Scroll down to the very bottom of the page on your phone, then choose the option you'd like to use.

Suggest an addition to this document?

  • To suggest an addition to this FAQ, please post your suggestion in the Guild Wars 2 Discussion subforum. I'll review and make additions as time allows.

Gaile Gray
Communications Manager: ArenaNet
Fansite & Guild Relations; In-Game Events; Community Showcase Live



  • About notifications: There are a lot of different types of notifications. Here's the full list:

    • Notify me when I earn a badge.
    • Notify me when people comment on my discussions.
    • Notify me when people comment on my bookmarked discussions.
    • Notify me when people mention me.
    • Notify me when people comment on discussions I've participated in.
    • Notify me of private messages.

    I will do further research on this subject, but from my early testing, having set up my main account and some test accounts, I believe some of these settings are "all or nothing." At first, I set up my main account to get notifications for all reasons. I ultimately reduced to just a few reasons, but the system is efficient and I still was getting a bit flooded! :astonished: (I think the broadest impact is from "comment on discussions I've participated in" because I participate in a lot of discussions.)

    Ultimately I decided to use the "Notify me when people comment on my bookmarked discussions" option. That way, I control which threads involve a ping about updates, and if I don't want to get further notifications, I simply remove the bookmark and it's done and dusted.

    Could you please check that out and see if that choice works for you?

    Gaile Gray
    Communications Manager: ArenaNet
    Fansite & Guild Relations; In-Game Events; Community Showcase Live

  • edited December 6, 2018

    I recognized a couple of questions lately that were featured in this FAQ, but because the thread was not in a visible position it wasn't serving its purpose of helping people get the most out of their forum membership. (For instance, the question about how to post an image is pretty common, and the functionality is not particularly intuitive. ;) )

    I've moved this thread to News and Announcements and have "stickied" it to the top, for easy locating. This means that it will be an informational post, and not one in which member can post questions or suggestions for topics. But we do want to answer those questions and see those suggestions, so if anyone has questions about forum functionality or a suggestion that might make a good addition to the FAQ, please share them in the GW2 Discussion subforum? I then will review and add the question and answer here.


    Gaile Gray
    Communications Manager: ArenaNet
    Fansite & Guild Relations; In-Game Events; Community Showcase Live