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{Suggestion} Animation and Voice Pack

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  • Individualisation of the general populace
  • First thing first I did check the meaning of the word Individualisation, I hope its is the correct word to use
    Definition: to make individual or distinctive; give an individual or distinctive character to ... player's character, toon.

What this packs going to do.

Give player's toon special characteristic.
IE:, when toons are standing around doing nothing, they do those animations , different for each race. female sylvari "sway" like stupid day dreaming person, sorry, which I absolutely abhor. It is also the reason my only male character is a Male Sylvari. Asura crosses their arms etc. and every asura you meet they do the same thing. And i am not talkinig about the /emotion command.

This packs, they consist of automated animations, they are going to give players choices and alternative animations to their toon, if the players' character likes dancing, they can buy the "Disco King" animation pack, or "I am the Greatest" animation pack, or the "I am the cutest critters" pack, or the "God Walking Amongst Mere Mortal Pack" with animation like touching one's nose with your thumbs Bruce Lee style, the Small details that makes player's character different from others. tap dances / break dances/playing with hair/biting the nails/ or leaning against the wall, hugging or even holding hands etc when they/we are just hanging around, while talking to friends etc .

Apply to voice pack too.

thank you
discuss .

I am sorry, please move this to the Game Discussion Section, I made a mistake posting it in WvW. Thank You <3


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    I think enough time was spent on moving jaws and /sit

    The game has frills aplenty

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