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[EU] Rebel Raiding [rawr] | Smooth raid clears | Daily Fractals | Relaxed Dungeons

Xaina.5418Xaina.5418 Member ✭✭
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Hi all,
Rebel Raiding [rawr] recruits dedicated pve players for raids, fractals and dungeons.
I'd like to give you a short overview:

- European guild - English communication
- Discord server and an ingame guild you don't have to represent
- Four guild ranks:
1) PoF-Team (raid static), 2) HoT-Team (raid static), 3) Raid Friends (occasionally raids/fractals), 4) Dungeon Friends (dungeons/fractals only)

- Since we started raiding in November 2015 we always prioritized safe and smooth fullruns over risky tryhard dps grind
- We have experienced members and experts at their classes, most of them over 1.500 LI incl. all CM titles

Fractals and Dungeons:
- Frequently meetups for five-players content
- Smooth but casual daily runs

If you want to join our guild contact me (Ingame: Xaina.5418 Discord: Xaina#5418) and open this link for details: https://tinyurl.com/rawrraids


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