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Raptor race + long jumps

I was partly pleased and partly displeased that if someone has the 3rd mastery for raptors, the long jump works at speeding them up considerably for the raptor race in Amnoon. I won my race handily, and while I'm glad to have gotten the achievement, I know I'd be upset if I were the one left in the dust having not unlocked that mastery. Anet, is there a way to disable the long jump capability just for the sake of the race? Or is it best to expect the need for that mastery before trying the race? Truth be told, it's not hard to get 6 mastery points in Crystal Desert to unlock it, but if you don't know ahead of time to do so, it can be a frustrating experience and seem unfair.


  • If i remember correctly, the Raptor mastery is meant to be a tutorial for mounts, therefore it is expected that we are to have the 3rd mastery or having completely mastered the raptor when joining races, unless of course you want to be handicapped.

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