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Troublemakers and Veteran Djinns at Elonian Chests

Troublemakers and Veteran Djinns at Elonian Chests. On some professions these mobs are too hard on to solo casually cause of their burst damage. I strongly feel they are overscaled and have stopped doing the Veteran Djinns months ago while at troublemakers I still die daily if I dont wait for my elite skill to cool-off on melee ele. The troublemakers pistol bursts are too strong versus what little amount of health I am given to begin with on thief as well. I think the scaling is wrong for both these types of mobs and I was hoping something would be done over the many months PoF came out to make these mobs fun to play instead of dying as I like getting the daily chests when I dont die. And as this is more of a daily thing getting the chests I am obviously mostly in casual mode when I do it on reset or early in the day. Thanks for you consideration.

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