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Eater of Souls fight is too difficult.



  • RedDeadFred.1256RedDeadFred.1256 Member ✭✭
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    Just range him down. You don't even need to learn the mechanics if you do that. I didn't know this boss was considered difficult because I just camped longbow on my berserker after he sucked me in the first time.

  • I had no problems with this boss...but I was on my bleed soul beast

  • Despond.2174Despond.2174 Member ✭✭✭

    As soon as I read "drains/heals" I left my CC skill always off CD. As soon as they cast, hit it.

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    @Bloodtau.4672 said:
    Some of us don;t get quick cool down CC skills....

    You and I do -- Rifle 4 and Flamethrower 3. Stack toughness via adaptive armor. Drop in two turrets to distract the Eater of Souls. Auto attack with rifle until the bar turns blue then hit 4. Swap to Flamethrower and auto attack until the bar turns blue, then hit 3. Swap back to rifle. Rinse and repeat. Medic Gyro as needed. I literally stood still for the entire boss fight. Burned him to the ground in less than 2 minutes.

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    Fight was absolutely trivial on a zerk thief with p/p as secondary set (which I ended up camping). Headshot was enough to break his bar (which means that practically any minor daze will work). So I suspect that any class with on-demand instant cast interrupt will be fine (ie mesmer mantra). Note that the boss has a breakbar right before his leap. If you break it, he never even starts channeling lifesteal.

    With that said, since not everyone has the access to these skills, the fight becomes very lopsided in difficulty. Can every class adapt to it? Sure. However it is a lot more difficult for some than others.

    One GOOD thing about this boss, is that you can't facetank it and win.

  • I had no trouble whatsoever with my spellbreaker. Perhaps it's not so bad in pve as most think!

  • I found the last fight much harder and more annoying than the Eater of Souls. The boss was ok.

  • @Sarge shot Grif.6450 said:
    It was depressingly easy on my deadeye, seems like the class you fight him with is what can make it hard or just a joke.

    I actually had the opposite experience. It was super hard on my deadeye I couldn't stay mobile fast enough.

    Switched to daredevil (dash trait) and used double pistol and just kited and spammed 3 and he was then super easy.

    Might be a good alternative strategy for any other thieves struggling with it.

  • I did this on Dragonhunter with traps .... He seemed to go down a lot faster after I stopped using my GS and switched to scepter and torch ... not usre why :3

    I loved the story up to this point .... good luck taking him down!

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    @FANY.6524 said:

    They kitten over Guardians as all we have is a wimpy staff to stay at long range from getting too close, Melee is a death sentence.

    Use a scepter if you're playing guard. It's tons better.

    As a Guardian, I gave the fight some thought last night (after ragequiting). I think range DPS is the only viable ways to defeat this boss. Thankfully, most classes have access to some form of this. For Guardians, we have Dragonhunter with long-range bow. Depending on your gear it puts out decent DPS and has CC abilities.

    I'm going to try that tonight after work and report my findings.

  • Everyone's crapping all over condi mirage and Eater was a cakewalk for me. I didn't even know it was that difficult until I found this thread.

  • i beat him on a minstrels chrono tank, its all about timing the cc, dont need high damage at all to beat him just 2cc 1 on cd the other ready for the next bar

  • @Kori Jenkins.9017 said:
    Everyone is talking about having to switch builds and change talents and use different weapons.

    You should NOT have to do that to experience story content that you PAID for.

    The fact that he appears to basically heal full off of 1 mistake, and is either a nightmare or a cakewalk for the classes in the game ruin the experience entirely. I would actually uninstall this game and never play it again before I'd be forced to replay this stupidly long mission with a different build that may or may not work. On top of that, I can't even use my inventory, so if I wanted to change my build in the mission, I can't.

    Absolute trash design, it makes me wish these companies would actually test content. Who cares if the story is spoiled, 99% of players don't play for that anyway. Also he appears to punish me for using boons, but as a Scrapper I cannot really not use boons unless I simply use the elixir gun to run from him for the entire fight, which would take about an hour and won't be any fun at all.

    Horrific, this alone has lowered my opinion of the expansion, which I was thinking rather highly of until this mess.

    I disagree. Since the trait line overhaul a few years back it is clear that this game has become all about changing one's build and/or gear to suit the situation. Guild Wars 2 is about adaptability, and has been for some time.

  • I just deleted that mob with fa s/w ele lol

  • I beat this guy on my Guardian using solider gear, a great sword, and no cc's. It took me awhile to figure out something that worked, but since I never took enough damage to die I had a lot of time. Basically I realized he does this jump stomp thing every time before he starts to drain your life. So once he jumped you need to dodge his attack and start running/rolling away as quick as possible. The further away you are the less he heals from you. Also if you have a sword leap skill like the great sword 3 skill make sure to untarget him and you can use that to help yourself get further away. Also be careful about buffing yourself. The buffs should be applied right after he uses his life steal skill otherwise if the buff is still up after he starts stealing your life he gets those buffs too.

    Overall I found this boss quite annoying as someone who has played lots of RPGs and MMORPGs. For a casual player I could see this being a hard fight. It is a little unforgiving compared to the other story mode boss fights. If I made one mistake he would gain a significant amount of health back. If I made several mistakes he would be at full life again. My suggestion is even though people are beating him it is a story mode boss, and while it doesn't need to be a cake walk this boss should be toned down a little either by increasing the cooldown of his life steal or change the percentage of life steal.

  • I don't mind _some _difficult fights in a story here and there, but what bothers me, is there's a predictable pattern where every instance, bar few, has to have these, long drawn out fights with a boss(es) at the end. It becomes boring after a while and I was hoping there would be less of that and more focus on the actual story telling. But i still enjoyed the story for the most part, though not finished it yet, so i might be speaking too early.

  • Spoiler Alert: Dodge Rolls prevent the Eater from Healing.

  • Personally, this is a fantastic fight. I absolutely adore bosses that require me to actually think about what I'm doing and how to kill it. It's not a faceroll fight, but it's really not that difficult either once you get the mechanics down, which aren't that complicated.

  • I haven't run into any problems thus far in GW2 but dodging and kiting as best I could and trying to hit him with CC when his bar showed up, I just couldn't do it as a Renegade. I spent so much time dodging and kiting that he didn't take that much damage and I couldn't stop him from healing or knock his break bar down in the 2 seconds it was up for. I eventually cheesed it but I still have no idea how it was SUPPOSED to go. My Elementalist friend simply CANNOT get through this fight. None of his CC takes out more than a pip on the bosses bar and he deals too little damage.

    I'm all for tough fights but good lord don't throw it into the middle of the freaking story. Make it a bonus objective or hidden boss or something. Make it part of some post game side quest for a cosmetic item or what have you. But in the middle of the story? It's just acting as a huge roadblock for tons of people, and I still have yet to see a thorough explanation of how people find this "easy". "Oh I did it on my necro np" okay sure, but how?

    It doesn't help that literally every video (save for one of some kitten Chronomancer) shows people cheesing it. Sure, it might be a fun challenge to some and it's supposed to be hard and test people, but it's clearly too difficult right know. There shouldn't be such a huge roadblock in the story.

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    @Haoasakura.5784 said:
    you can get him to stuck in the cage by putting it between you two, then just use aoe abilities like 1 of TOJ

    This ^

    Lure it to the back of the cage ( Joko ) and quickly run to the front. It will try to move towards you and walked into the cage. Keep a safe distance from the cage and now you can kite him to death while eating popcorns :)

    I failed twice and succeeded the third time when I used this method. To many players, this boss may be a walk in the park but to others, it is a struggle -_-

  • Amethyst Lure.5624Amethyst Lure.5624 Member ✭✭
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    I'm not having trouble with the interrupt, i just get massacred by the inhale. Is there any trick to it i just don't understand? Just pool dodges only for that? Range-based? Maybe my stubborn quest to do it as a sword weaver needs to come to an end.

    Nevermind. Beat him with sword, just needed to devote everything to outranging that inhale. Good luck everybody :)

  • @Chrono.6928 said:

    @Sarge shot Grif.6450 said:
    It was depressingly easy on my deadeye, seems like the class you fight him with is what can make it hard or just a joke.

    I actually had the opposite experience. It was super hard on my deadeye I couldn't stay mobile fast enough.

    Switched to daredevil (dash trait) and used double pistol and just kited and spammed 3 and he was then super easy.

    Might be a good alternative strategy for any other thieves struggling with it.

    I used shadowstep, roll for initiative, withdraw and the new elite and I'm basically uncatchable.

  • The only issue I had with my Necro was my cc's had 3/4 second cast times so the timing was tough.

  • ugrakarma.9416ugrakarma.9416 Member ✭✭✭✭

    i think the Soul Eater skill to steal life, is kinda op, need a nerf, even balthazar fights dont have so a OP skill.

    main pvp: Khel the Undead(power reaper).

  • mXz.4512mXz.4512 Member ✭✭
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    It was annoying at most, but if I can pass it after a few deaths, I'm sure you could. It's just a learn boss fight mechanics situation.
    And I did it with my loosely traited mesmer/mirage.

    Salty Vet reporting in.

  • This fight was miserable as a greatsword guardian, as it massively penalizes melee builds, limits respeccing by blocking inventory, and is at the end of a long mission so you can't easily start over. The inhale/heal is really hard to escape when you have to be in close to do any damage, and it essentially resets the fight.

    I ended up exploiting the fact that it gets stuck on terrain as long as you stay at least 600 away... And the only skill I had that would reach it was staff 3, which took about 25mins to kill it ????

  • Say what you will, but I'm new to the game, and I've been doing fine with most things so far. I'm working on my Dragonhunter guardian, so she doesn't have full specs. I cant beat this boss for the life of me. I sat there trying different builds, different specs, dropped the bow, for more specs, tried everything. Just don't have reliable enough stuns

  • MrRay.3027MrRay.3027 Member ✭✭✭

    I explained in another thread, if you cleans the cc that he keeps stacking on you just before he starts vacuuming, you can just faceroll him. Almost stayed in place with sc/d weaver.
    Maybe I did something else that I didn't realise, but I believe this is what causes him to take hp, the stacks of tourment (or w/e he uses for cc).

  • Deihnyx.6318Deihnyx.6318 Member ✭✭✭✭

    If something seems OP, there's usually a mechanic that you need to do.

    I sincerely hope to see more of that. A game that let you go through everything by just playing piano with your skills should be called an interactive movie, not a game.
    It's normal to fail a boss several time, most boss in pre CoD games were like that, that's what made them more satisfying when you beat them.

  • Found it a bit awkward on my pewpew ranger but then changed to condi trapper and it blew up in no time at all

  • Fundor.2098Fundor.2098 Member ✭✭✭

    Was a nightmare for me too. I did manage to kill him on my first time in the instance though, but I did get defeated A LOT.
    I was playing a staff tempest. The boss must have been bugged or something, 'cause I couldn't dodge or block the drain life skill at all. Did try, all the time, using basic well timed dodging and Arcane Shield, but he managed to target and drain me every time, nevertheless. The problem was, he drained his health full way faster than I could damage him in between of healing myself, running and dodging.
    In the end I too was able to get him stuck behind the cage, and then rain some meteor showers, fire storms and lava fonts on him.

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  • I managed to do this on the first try with a power DH build, greatsword + traps. I noticed mid-fight it was healing, but I was dealing more damage to it than it healed on average so it eventually went down. I would say go with a DPS and CC build of some sort, but more on DPS than the CC if I had to choose. (I wasn't actively going out the way to break his bar, was just DPSing with my normal rotation which just happens to include some CC).

  • This isn't the only thread, but I chose to post here as it was on top.

    I think there's a lot of baddies here as I killed it earlier on my first try in about 45 seconds. Maybe it was my build and I was lucky. That could be. I was running condi necro as reaper with about 2500 armor, rest in condi, precision with a little in power/expertise.

    Now, that being said, I can totally understand how this is a frustrating boss. Not because it's difficult, it really isn't, but because one can not access their inventory to swap gear, respec. Also, as other's have said, if someone needs to go to the bank for something, or whatever, cause they're just glass, then it is a long replay to get back to the point.

  • Just did it. It's a bit annoying, I wasn't fast enough with my CCs usually, but if you just save your dodge to specifically dodge the attack he takes off a bit if you're unlucky and nothing if you do it well. That's something everyone has access to

  • I was finding it pretty silly. Then I noticed that its life drain attack was always preceeded by the small red circle attack, giving me plenty of time to get out of range. It suddenly became trivial in the wake of sword dagger melee air/water weaver.

    It's not hard, just punishing and poorly explained.

  • I had a lot of trouble with it, but eventually I figured out a really easy way.

    Make sure you have some kind of regen, and save your stamina. When you see him telegraph the small circle, just dodge away from him as soon as possible. His tether will barely heal him this way, and he'll do an AoE next to himself for a few seconds giving you time to recharge/heal.

    I was stuck with a very melee centric Weaver build and felt it was impossible, but after figuring this out it was pretty easy.

  • I solo'd it with deadeye. Later I went back to help my friend, a herald rev, and while it was difficult we found some cheese you could do with the spirit guardians. He was using hammer so he could keep ranged, and I was a spirit guardian with my cheesy and mostly useless abilities. I think this would work with any builds as long as the revenant has at least some healing power. You could probably do it with any class that has some way of healing other players, if only a little bit.

    The boss has one attack to watch out for, a dash with an overhead slam marked on the ground by a circle, after which point he drains health and steals boons, (and then he does an AoE attack around him, which if you are at range which you should be, then it is just free hits). So first off there are some things to note. As a spirit guardian, your 1 and 2 abilities will heal you for the longer you channel, (it was only like a 130 heal per tick or whatever, but it adds up). I am not sure if that was because I was using signet of malice as thief, but it probably wasn't. Your 2 can also pull aggro on the boss, which is the big ticket. I'm gonna separate this up into two sections, one for the other class and one for the spirit guardian. Mind you, me and my friend were in voice chat, so we were very coordinated as a result, and I would highly recommend doing similar.

    Spirit guardian:
    1. You are here to tank the boss, your job is to kite it around within range of your other player, and keep giving out might and vulnerability.
    2. You can cancel the channels on your 1 and 2 to receive the might or vulnerability without having to stay still for 4 3/4 seconds, you just won't get the heal per tick.
    3. Stay out of range of his punches, and watch for the dash + Smash combo. You have to save your dodge rolls for that.
    4. When he does the health drain attack immediately after the Dash and Smash, you have about a quarter of a second after the tendril connects to you to dodge and avoid the attack altogether. Get this timing down, it is important.
    5. After the health drain attack, heal if you need it. He won't strip boons from you outside of that one attack, so your regen is safe. At times I would have my herald buddy pulse regeneration and I would run past him.
    6. Keep your distance from the boss but stay closer than your partner.
    7. It doesn't matter too much if the boss strips your 1 stack of might from your buddy, oh well, it will disappear in a second or two, whoop de doo.
    8. As a last resort, you can run from the battle to fully heal. Only do this if you are confident in your partner's ability to stay alive.

    Other class:
    1. You are the damage of this operation. You are going to want to do as much damage as possible, your spirit guardian can only tank so many hits.
    2. Stay further from the boss than your spirit guardian.
    3. Learn the timing for dodging his health drain attack, save your dodge rolls for that. If you are thief, you should probably swap to daredevil for the extra dodge roll and the dodge roll modifiers.
    4. Heal your spirit guardian, I cannot stress how important this is.
    5. Save any and all boons for after the drain attack, and make sure they will be gone before the next one.
    6. As a last resort, you can run from the battle to fully heal. Make sure your spirit guardian is at about 8k health before doing so.

  • Got my kitten kicked 15 ways to sunday with my weaver ele...still havent figured out how to even start on this guy as it stands right now...kinda(very) frustrating

  • Adapt and overcome. It really is a l2p issue. I did die twice before the "oh, that's how this works" moment. It is ok to die in video games as long as you try to learn and adapt. Not every fight should be 1111111. A good habit to get into is to actually watch what bosses do, figure out which attacks need to be avoided and what the tells are. Figuring out a counter strategy is usually not very difficult after that. For example, there was a video a week or so ago where someone completely explained the champ chak HP in Auric basin, what the attacks are and basically how to solo it.

    How many of the folks who came here to complain could completely explain how the drain attack works? My bet is not many. How many swapped a utility or trait?

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    Just facerolled him with condi scourge. What's so difficult about it?

  • I didn't even know this fight was such a thing until I visit these forums. I killed it with my d/wh fresh air (melee) tempest and I didn't even noticed he was healing. I just dodged through his tether and killed him easily.

  • I got frustrated abit, but the pattern is pretty easy to figure out after a few deaths, lol. When he about to initiate the special, run and stay awayyyy from him. If you attack him during this time window, it's pretty much asking to get killed. reengage only after you finish resisting his pull move. He'll die in no time. No cc needed for me.

  • This fight did throw me off a bit, as I'd not been having any trouble until this boss. But after dying a couple of times I adjusted and found it pretty easy to just kite him around dropping aoes for him to follow me into, dodging a lot and using burning retreat if he got too close, then dashing back in with overloads when he was stunned, also had an elemental out to slow him down a bit. That was with staff tempest, I'm not sure how all other classes play, but if there's a way to setup them up to use similar tactics that might help.

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    I was worried about this fight given the description from these posts, but easily defeated it on my Mesmer: no fancy tricks, just full Berserker Domination/Dueling/Illusions (2/2/1; 1/X/1; 1/2/1) with iBerserkers, Mantra of Distraction, and Signet of Domination. I was surprised by how little HP the thing had compared to other PoF story bosses.

    Off to play games that reward strategy and thought. Farewell, Watch the Floor Simulator.

  • Get away from him while he's doing his sucky sucky thing. Problem solved.

  • @Haoasakura.5784 said:
    you can get him to stuck in the cage by putting it between you two, then just use aoe abilities like 1 of TOJ

    this one works, i was dodging him around the cage and he got stuck at the cage. at first i did a few aoe's and dodged allot
    til i found out was was stuck at the cage.