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[NA][WvW] MAS - Might and Smarts - Fight Squad Looking For Good Players

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Might and Smarts [MAS] is a WvW-focused guild looking for 18+ competitive players who enjoy working in a coordinated team! MAS is now on Anvil Rock and we're members of the Next Chapter Alliance.

Current profession/specialization recruitment requirements:

We're currently considering applications based on you, your personality, your attitude and your fit with our team.
We're not being overly selective about what profession you happen to main or what alts you have, it's more important that you are a good fit with us and want to work at developing yourself in WvW. If you like us and we like you then working out how you fit into our composition is an easy problem to solve.

If you want to join a non-toxic, friendly, extremely well organized and competitive fight squad come and talk to us regardless of what class you main.

About Us

First and foremost MAS is a WvW guild, we're all about our fight squad and our roaming/havoc groups. Members of the guild do lots of other activities in game (and play other games together too for that matter) but the main purpose of the guild is to enjoy WvW together.

Our fight squad runs with a set class composition, builds, and team coordination. The majority of our team are veterans but we are also serious about developing players who are new to WvW or have been away for a while and need a skills refresh. We offer regular class and squad training, a development path and opportunities to grow within our team.

We're a friendly adult community with zero tolerance for drama, so are a good fit for people who want to excel at competitive play but don't want to be in too edgy or toxic an environment. If you are friendly, competitive and committed to learning and growing as a player and team member then look us up.


What we expect of you:

  • This is a community of player friends; actively participate in and protect it
  • Use Discord and a mic. You don't have to talk, but need to be able to hear instructions from the Commanders.
  • Be active in WvW - join at least one (1) of our scheduled WvW nights each week as a member of the fight team.
  • Represent MAS guild whenever in WvW. We are a 100% rep guild for WvW.
  • Meet the requirements of the team: Have two classes needed in our fight team composition, in the builds required, be prepared to switch as needed.
  • Develop the competency required for the class(es) you bring to the team. Accept and utilize feedback, training, and mentorship and continue to grow as a team player-contributor.
  • We are a non-toxic community. SFW (Safe For Work) guidelines are what we maintain in the conversations and content of our forums, Discord and TeamSpeak channel for the good of the community.
  • Support the needs of the guild for WvW - donate or supply items when we need them.

What you can expect from us:

  • A solid, stable community of player friends which is fun, supportive and non-toxic.
  • A class mentor will be assigned to help you with our composition, builds, your role in our fight squad, training as needed etc.
  • Clear expectations set and proper on-boarding.
  • Solid experienced commanders (we have plenty of good commanders, so we avoid burnout, special snowflake syndrome and don't have a single point of failure).
  • Active community on Discord and members playing other aspects of GW2 or even other games with each other when not enjoying WvW.


Please note that our schedule varies depending on season, changing member circumstances or even depending on the server we're linked with if necessary. Currently our schedule is as follows:

Monday - 7pm CST/8pm EST - Open tag for anyone on voice comms
Tuesday - 7pm CST/8pm EST - Full Fight Squad
Friday - 30 mins prior to WvW reset - Full Fight Squad
Sunday - 7pm CST/8pm EST - Full Fight Squad

All other nights are free for more casual roaming, ad-hoc squads or other activities.

To learn more, or apply

Visit our website: https://mas4eva.enjin.com or reach out in game to either Panicbutton.9426 or Pensadora.9478 with your questions.
N.B. After we receive your application, we will want to chat to you on Discord, having a microphone and being prepared to speak for 30 mins is mandatory.

We look forward to welcoming you to the guild!


  • What goes Bump in the night? MAS! Join us for fun wvw fights, terrible puns, and a great 18+ community that does more than just WVW.

  • Want to Bump some heads in WvW? apply to MAS and enjoy a relaxed but competitive environment with other adults who do more than just WvW in Gw2! Terrible puns are mandatory

  • Updated recruitment requirements and new summer schedule.

  • I enjoy meeting up with my guildmates in MAS several times a week. We rally up 4 nights a week and have a great time in WvW bashing skulls and collecting bags. Our guild is very competitive with supportive leadership and commanders. I found the low drama and non-toxic style have been a great change of pace from some of the skilled WvW groups I have been a part of in the past. I recommend you check us out!

  • Sam.2601Sam.2601 Member

    I absolutely love being apart of the MAS family! Everyone is supportive and helpful whenever you need anything. During my time in MAS, i've made many friends and created wonderful memories with everyone. I came into this guild knowing nothing about Guild Wars 2 and throughout my time everyone has helped me in one way or another learn different classes and help me better my game play. This guild is definitely worth checking out! Plus, we LOVE new people :D! JOIN MAS.

  • I have been with MAS for almost two years now and this is my favorite guild that I have ever been a part of. We work together as a team to accomplish our goals. MAS is my guild wars family and every member is extremely supportive. We like to joke around a lot but we also know how to focus as a fight squad in WvW when we mean business! We do have some member requirements, but those are to make us a better team out in WvW. I love being with MAS and I look forward to being in this family for a long time to come. If you are looking for a new guild to call home, come and check us out!

  • Updated our recruitment requirements, will take a Necro or two again!

  • Join MAS. Fun and cookies. New build for revenants and warriors.

  • MAS is a great guild with a lot of skilled players and brain power. Always welcoming and always willing to train and teach. We maintain professional attitude and strive to better ourselves and our guild mates all while having a laugh and collecting some bags. Put in an app if your looking for a guild with great community and a serious edge.
    ~Le Bump

  • Today is Friday night people, the time to reset and start anew =) . So, get into this spirit and join us, Might and Smarts, and have lots of fun while improving your skills in WvW. Believe me, running with MAS is a blast.

  • Ultima.5318Ultima.5318 Member ✭✭

    when i was SF paired with whatever server MAS was on was always a good time running with them :D
    Glad to see yall are still running. hope best for ya!

  • Thanks for the kind words @Ultima.5318

    Updated our recruitment requirements. On top of the usual core roles we're really looking for a couple more people that like playing Mesmer.

    If you're wanting to get back into WvW and get in a good squad before the restructuring and alliances are introduced now would be a good time to come talk to us about joining.

  • Welcoming community. Strong teamwork. Veteran and new players alike welcome.

    Come join our ranks!

  • Joining MAS Has made me a far better WvW Player with all the knowledgeable mentors there to help.

  • Updated our schedule, we are now back to running the full fight squad on three nights per week!

  • Reset night people. Join us in WvW and enjoy all the fun and cookies you can have.

  • LucidLethargy.8431LucidLethargy.8431 Member
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    Just reached out to Panicbutton after I got some replies on the forums to an LFG post. You all seem like a good lot - I'm looking for a guild as a support guardian. Currently I'm using a build that isn't very standard (rather than healing it's built more towards condition, boon duration, and survivability.) It's probably time to try some new builds, though, so I'm open to whatever is recommended. My timezone is PST.

  • Recruitment requirements updated.

    Exciting things happening in MAS at the moment and our team is almost at full strength. If you're looking for a WvW fight guild (perhaps because you've heard about the restructuring coming and you want to get into a good guild before that happens) and you don't want to deal with a stereotypical PvP guild with drama, toxicity and big egos then now might be the right time to talk to us.

    At the rate our recruitment is going we will probably be closing our doors soon, so if you're interested don't be shy and contact us now.

  • kitten wish you guys were on my server. I am actually looking for WvW guild!

  • Sent you a note Plagueis and website link. PM with questions.

  • Updated - MAS moved to Anvil Rock, we have a new home, new alliance and a few places in squad if you're looking for a well organized, fun and competitive WvW guild!

  • As a returning guild wars 2 player who has never played WvW, MAS has been really helpful in reteaching me the game and also teaching me how to do my part in WvW. They are very much a cooperative guild that looks to do there best in the field and are not afraid to take in new and determined players.

  • A super friendly and positive WvW guild. A great place both for experienced WvWers and for WvW newbies who want to grow and learn. Come join us and let's have some great fights together!

  • Updated our recruitment requirements - still open to Warriors, Necromancers and Guardians but REALLY interested in getting a couple of Mesmers and a couple of Revenants on board. Apply if you're interested!

    Life on Anvil Rock is already pretty great!

  • Ahnyka.3478Ahnyka.3478 Member
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    Great fun with skilled players moving forward and progressing. JOIN us and get your MAS on!!! Cookies will be served.

  • I've been a part of MAS for a little under a month now, and I've had an absolute blast fighting alongside them. I highly recommend them if you're an intelligent individual that wants to work as a team to dominate in WvW. Whether it's the frequent "fight nights", or the casual roaming that takes place between those planned events, there's a wide array of fun to be had. As a returning launch player, I still have a lot of questions concerning new changes, and MAS always has answers no matter the time of day, or where I ask (Discord, Teamspeak, in-game). I highly recommend the guild to anyone looking to step up their WvW game.

  • God.2708God.2708 Member ✭✭

    I have spent over half my 6 years of GW2 time in this guild playing with them. It's never to late to start.

  • We're always looking for new and aspiring talent here in WvW. Give us a try if you're already on our server of if you're looking for a change of pace from your old guild. We sport a fun community with talented players. If you want to be the challenger in underdog fights and come out on top, you probably belong with us.

    Here's a taste of our most recent fights.

  • Open to fun, competitive players who like teamwork and challenges in WvW.
    Check us out: mas4eva.enjin.com

  • Hi folks, our recruitment needs have been updated.

    We have room for a few more dps specialists who like to play Revenant or Necromancer.
    We are actively looking for a couple more Guardians.

    and in a surprise turn of events...

    We are also looking for two or three Engineers! We know, you haven't been meta for ages, you've been one step above a ranger in terms of being able to get into a proper WvW guild, it's been frustrating wandering the mists as a lonely warrior... well now is your time, the meta gods are smiling on you and we in MAS would like to bring you in from the wilderness for a cuddle and spot by our fire! Join us and collect many many bags :lol:

    Check out the website and/or look up Pensadora.9478 or myself Panicbutton.9426

  • Our FIVE year anniversary celebrations are in just one week! When we talk about being a strong and stable guild that's some great evidence right there - we're one of a few dedicated WvW teams with an uninterrupted history as a guild, zero splits, factions, periods of hibernation or reforms in 5 years. We're very happily trucking along, enjoying our fights and farming bags!

    If you're interested in checking us out our anniversary raid would be a good place to start!


  • Recruitment requirements updated and good news, Anvil Rock is open again!

  • Here's a little insight into what life in MAS is like, you should come and join in, we have a blast (even when cliff-diving!).

  • Turkeyspit.3965Turkeyspit.3965 Member ✭✭✭✭

    Bump for a great guild. I've had the pleasure of joining them in several of their open raids. AR has a lot of great commanders who lead open raids, but what impressed me the most about the [MAS] commanders was after each fight, they ask on comms for feedback. What went wrong? What should we have done better? Given this is being done when non-guildys are on the same TS (and referred to as guests) is even more awesome.

    Friendly yet firm leadership, and always looking for a good throwdown. A pleasure to run with you guys.

  • Wish i had the money to join your server and play . I been struggling to find a WvW guild that is active .

  • Thanks, Turkeyspit! Appreciate the kind words. Glad you've enjoyed guesting with us!

  • Time for a bump, Anvil Rock is currently open and we're currently recruiting a few good people, so look us up!

  • God.2708God.2708 Member ✭✭

    I've been in this guild for 3 years. It's something. Something that made me stick around for 3 years. #noregrets

  • Poggers.4936Poggers.4936 Member
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    Ayy Whats BUMPin MAS is! been in the Guild almost a year and its the best decision i have made WvW adds a whole new layer of fun to GW2.

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