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Could We Perhaps Get Another Use for Elegy Mosaics?

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Hi! I've been meaning to make this post for a while but could we possibly get another use for Elegy Mosaics?

I personally really enjoy leading both organized & impromptu Legendary Bounty Trains. As a result shortly after PoF's launch I reached around 1K elegy mosaics pretty early (about what you need for all the funerary weapons & armor) so there's really no incentive for me or any of my guild mates to run these any more even though we really like doing them!

Some suggestions; Exchange Elegy Mosaics for:
- Level I - VI Material Bags
- Trade Contracts
- A ton for some of the near-impossible to obtain minis (e.g. The Mini Junundu Wurm & Mini Awakened Abomination)
- Swim Speed Infusions

There's probably something better but literally anything would be appreciated! :D


  • PseudoOAlias.4279PseudoOAlias.4279 Member ✭✭
    edited November 27, 2018

    Sorry about the duplicate comment. Getting used to the forums. :)

  • I support this. I finished my collections and now have no reason to spend time on legendary farm but it was fun and id like motivation to do it more.

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