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[EU][PvE] Hound of Abaddon - EU Region - Relaxed social guild looking for friends! 18+ :)

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✨ About Us ✨
We are a growing English-speaking social casual guild based in the European Time Zone. If you're looking for non-elitist, newbie friendly, chill and casual guild then check us out! We're hoping for more people to join us and make the guild more active and filled with loud, quirky and fun people with a wacky sense of humour such as you! That being said, like many guilds/communities out there, we do have our own sets of rules which are all outlined in our discord upon joining.

✨ Core Principles ✨
Our focus is to be a friendly social community that does what Guild Wars 2 has to offer. That includes:

🍕Running along with contents for new or returning players
🍕Help with gear progression - just ask us questions, someone with the knowledge will always respond :)
🍕Teaching those interested in the basics of raiding; our training is conducted in a completely newbie friendly manner!
🍕And even just standing AFK in game socializing in the guild chat (I'm talking about those who logs in and does not know what to do).

We want our guild to return to its former glory; a place where members would log in and generally just enjoy each other's company. Even though there are some veterans in the guild, the majority of our players are new and are working towards end-game content. We don't enforce a must-representation rule, although representing us often is generally appreciated!

✨ Our Social Link ✨
We have rules and regulation which can be found here. Join us and see if this is a community that you'd like to spend your time with :) If you're a veteran or is just someone who would like to grow with us, have suggestions for events that you want to do together, let us know on discord!

Our discord is open for public and has recently opened up for other games in hopes to expand the community so if you're the person who plays multiple games, we also encourage you to invite your friends to join us as well! Currently, we have a few games on the list being Apex Legends, Warframe, and Overwatch. We're hoping to expand this list when more people decide to vote for their games to be on board :) We also have a guild site developed by our guild leader, Frenzy!

✨Other Info ✨
★ Age group: Most of us are between 20-30 years old
★ Guild Hall Level 36 - slowly progressing to Level 40. We have The Lost Precipice guild hall.
★ Active members log in around 18:00 UTC to 22:00 UTC; 20-30 players in the afternoon and < 30 players in the evening depending on the day of the week.
★Rank progression in the guild depends entirely on your activity contribution and participation to the guild. We value more for your social contributions over financial ones :)

✨Guild Activities ✨
★ Weekly Guild PvE Missions every Thursday @ 17:00 UTC lead and organized by our guild leader.
★ Weekly Guild Raid Training lead by an experienced trainer/veteran raider every Tuesday or Friday @ 17:00 UTC (normally Friday, in case of unexpected situations, it is normally postponed to Tuesday the following week) organized by me. Head over to our discord (it's pinned in the raid discussion section) to find out how to earn a spot for raid training.
★ Guild Community Events organized by our Margonite (sergeants) which normally depends entirely on participation and the organizer; Our events include 'fashion war' and 'hide and seek'. We're currently in discussion for opening more events!
★Guild Dungeon runs organized by one of our Margonite. Look out for the runs posted on discord or guild chat.

✨ Contact Us ✨
If you wish to be invited, you can always drop your account name or character name in the #gw2-general-chat in our discord and our members will pop the invite for you!

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  • Frenzy.7391Frenzy.7391 Member ✭✭

    So the guild has since grown to around 30 members :D

    We've done a few guild missions.
    This week we plan on doing even more guild missions as well as claiming our guild hall :3

  • Frenzy.7391Frenzy.7391 Member ✭✭

    So since my last post, the guild has grown to around 50 members :3

    We've actively been doing all guild missions on Monday when they refresh, and trying to do reruns on Sunday for those who still need the rewards.
    We're also in the process of starting daily fractals, doing around 4-5 fractals, starting on whatever the lowest level is in the group in order to get everyone on a higher level.

    Our current focus is getting players on a higher fractal tier in order for us to do Raids at some point.

    As for the site, I'm currently working on finishing up the forum and hope I hope to have that up soon.

  • Frenzy.7391Frenzy.7391 Member ✭✭

    For those seeing this post, I can't edit the title. And the title reflects what I wanted the guild to be. However due to very little interest in PvP currently. We are just a PvE guild. I think once we get to the point where we are more established. We'd probably look at PvP again. Alternatively if we have enough interest for in guild people can group up and go on a killing spree. :3

  • Frenzy.7391Frenzy.7391 Member ✭✭
    edited October 11, 2018

    As with all things the guild died. Players became less active. New content for other games released. Real Life took over and the guild became very quiet, having 2-3 members online at most during peak hours. It didn't help that the members that we had previously weren't a fan of communication, so even though they wanted to Fractals or a Dungeon they would never ask in guild to possibly spark interest or a guild run. Instead everyone just drifted off. It gave me some time to work on the site ^^, I feel like it's nearly there now, still on beta though.

    I also spoke to others, who had previously lead guilds to get their opinions and advice on how to lead a successful guild. My motivation and spark has been re-lit and I don't ever plan on giving up on this guild. So with that said, we are once again an active guild (we're still small, and possibly more active now than we were previously). Our current goal is still exclusively PvE Content, trying to do Fractals Daily, Dungeons whenever someone feels like it and Guild Missions to be scheduled when we have the most active users online. So if my initial post still peaks your interest, give me a shout on Frenzy.7391 or post a message here and I'll get back to as soon as possible :)

  • So someone messaged me today, not being sure if he'd be allowed to join seeing as he was a returning player, that hasn't experienced much of the game. So with that I'm creating another this post. All players are welcome to join, veterans and new players a like regardless of your skill level. Since I've gotten the guild back on track we have done Fractals 3 times that we started on the first level with a guildy never having done Fractals before. My current Fractal Level is 17, I have yet to complete all dungeons and I have not touched raids yet.

    So if this changes your mind and you'd like to join or have any question regarding the guild, give me a shout :)

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    Also made changes to the main discussion based on the path we have taken to this point.

  • We're always looking for new players to join us on our pursuit for fame and glory :D

  • Friendly Bump :)

  • So a few our members got together and did the first boss Spirit Vale :D ~ We plan on doing more tonight however we're short a few core members (Druids / Chrono) so if you'd like to give us a whirl, contact me in game or post a message here :3

    Side note: This was the first time in a raid for a lot of us.

  • Frenzy.7391Frenzy.7391 Member ✭✭
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    Don't mind me, just bumping this thread :3

  • Bumping for Abaddon's sake.

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    Guild Missions are scheduled to run every Saturday at 7PM Server Time (UTC)

  • I see Saffer, I upvote and ask for a guild invite. ;)
    Logging into Discord to put my stamp.

  • We're still looking for new members :)

  • Bumping for Abaddon's sake.

  • Hello @Frenzy.7391

    I was wondering how your guild is getting on since the re-luanch?
    I've recently came back after a little break so i'm looking for a new home.

  • Hi @MJGRiffin.7092 ,

    I think it's doing pretty well. It's going much better than it was before the re-launch.
    We have a lot of active members, Some are still shy, but the guild chat is starting to get more active.

  • Hey, I would love to be a member of your growing guild :)

  • Hi @Draco.7913,

    I've sent you a message in game as well as an invite :3

  • hey thank you :)

  • Bumping for Abaddon's sake.

  • Bumping for Abaddon's sake.

    And because things are moving forward, we're busy getting players geared in guild to attempt raids (Granted we're all noob with little to no XP).
    I think the last few things we're trying to get are Chronomancers and Druids (No surprise there, right?)

  • You need Druids?(I'm able to play every class; most best Condi Scourge as well as DPS Holo, Condi Renegade or Rifle DPS Deadeye(27k dps with a chrono nearby))

    Nice.. i play a Druid as twink and like to raid too. I'm almost everyday online (doing nothing or farming gold) for raids i could go for friday to sunday 4.30pm.

    HoA isn't a 18+ guild right? If not i'd like to join :smiley:

    Greetings from Lon nox.5984 and Elona Reach.. currently..

    (My main class normally is a condi scourge but there would be no problem for me playing Druid)

  • Hi @Lox nox.5984,

    That's pretty cool :3
    I can't give you an actual time for the raids yet, it would be a centralized time based on the members in the group ^^,

    No we're not 18+

    I'll send you a message in game before I invite you ^^, Else I'll send you a mail if you're not online before adding you :)

  • Hello! I'm a very casual player that tries to fit in as much game time as possible. I started a couple months ago but I haven't really touched any fractal or raid content yet so I'm mostly wanting to join for the social part. May I join despite that?

  • Hi @Kaze.7821,

    Yes you can :) We welcome all members, regardless of their participation :3

    I'll only be on later today and I'll invite you :)
    Alternatively you can join us on Discord and ask someone that's currently playing to invite you

  • Yo, I'd also be somewhat interested, I dropped the game a few months ago because it got boring doing everything alone.
    I'm also pretty casual, didn't touch Fractals or Raids so far, but would be interested in doing that kinda stuff.

    Had to start completely over though, so I only got 1 Char on lvl 80 as of right now...

  • Hi. I am a new player, got level 80 about a week ago. Still learning my way through the endgame content. I play mostly on the weekends, but also some other day during the week. Would be great if if i could join.

  • Hi @CervezaFria.5982 ,

    You're welcome to join :)
    I'll be sending you an invite now :3

  • Sent you a mail in game =)

  • Hi. Can I be considered to join the guild as well? Thanks.

  • Hi @Fnar.9725 / @adnicho.4017 ,

    Sent you both an invite to the guild :3

  • Prosperous New Year to everyone :)

    Recruitment is still open :3

  • Hi, I'm interested in joining a social (i.e NON-hardcore guild). I played near launch, but then gave up - just came back with a new account a couple of months ago, enjoying it immensely, but feel the need to team up so as to tackle some of the non-solo content. Not really a fan of pvp, but want to give wvw a go (if only for the goodies).
    I'm a bit of an alt-aholic in that I already have 8 characters on the go (they all die a lot! I'm more enthusiastic than skillful).
    Tried to join your discord via the link above, but it would not connect, and could not find your server via the discord search function.

  • Hi there :3,

    Sweet I'll send you an invite once I'm online :)
    Weird that the link didn't work.

    I'll have a look at that, thanks :3

  • Bumping for Abaddon's sake.

    I know I've said this before, so you might not believe me :pensive: but we're very close to starting our training raid group, we're still waiting on a few more players to sign up. Specifically dps (I know right, how could we not have those >.>). Plan on doing this before the end of the month.

  • Bumping for Abaddon's Sake.

    So we have a date set for our first Raid (Training) group. It'll be on the 2nd of February, we're starting with Cairn last I checked.
    And on another note the site is finally gone live :D

  • Bumping for Abaddon's Sake.

    So they did an initial suicide run on the the 29th. It was organized with short notice so they ended up doing Cairn with 6 people. I'm not entirely sure about the details, but they had a lot of fun even though they only got it down to 80%.

  • Bumping for Abaddon's Sake.

    So we did the Training Raid. We had a full group of somewhat geared guildies, and it was awesome :D Even though we wiped... a lot. We got Cairn down to 30% a few times before calling it a night. We plan on going at it again this weekend. If you're seeing this and you're interested in joining due post a message here or message me in game.

    Even though we started the training raid, we are still super casual and will stay that way even after we become pro at raiding :P

  • Frenzy.7391Frenzy.7391 Member ✭✭

    Bumping for Abaddon's Sake.

  • Frenzy.7391Frenzy.7391 Member ✭✭
    edited March 15, 2019

    Bumping for Abaddon's Sake.

    I'm aware that the site is currently redirecting to a broken page. I've contacted my provider and trying to get sorted.

  • Frenzy.7391Frenzy.7391 Member ✭✭

    Bumping for Abaddon's Sake.

    The issue with our site has been resolved :3

  • Frenzy.7391Frenzy.7391 Member ✭✭

    Bumping for Abaddon's Sake.

    We made it to a 100 players :D

  • Frenzy.7391Frenzy.7391 Member ✭✭

    Bumping for Abaddon's Sake.

    Last week friday, I made a change to the discord server so that it is publicly available. We still play Guild Wars 2, but we also list a few other games currently (Apex, Warframe, Final Fantasy XIV and Overwatch). In hopes of expanding. So if you'd play Apex or any of the other games listed. You'd be able to find others on the server that might want to join you :) We also encourage you to invite your friends to join us too :3

    If there's enough interest for other games, they can be added too :)

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