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[Suggestion] Extention to the pve map for wvw suggestion

SweetPotato.7456SweetPotato.7456 Member ✭✭✭
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A while back I've posted a suggestion for using PvE map for WvW.
After player the game some more and thinking about how it can be done, here is what i come up with.

This is how it will play on pve map.
Each week all the Guild participating in WvW will starts up from random place of the chosen pve map.
They will fight and take and hold as many objective as they can.
They can start up by choosing the alliances, and on the way they will meet with other guilds that they will either fight or join alliances and pick up "mercenaries/roamers"
the numbers of alliance and roamers have a cap.

at the end of the week when it is time to pick the winner, the guild with the alliances and mercenaries that hold the most objectives wins or have the most points. see rough sketch , dont know if you understand. but yeah, i tried.

Pink dots - big guilds, green dots - smaller guilds, white dots (probably should have more dots) - lone players/mercenery , squares with X - objectives to be conquer and hold.


Thank you for reading,


  • Dadnir.5038Dadnir.5038 Member ✭✭✭✭

    So you want FFA on PvE map... No!
    Just keep WvW in WvW, PvE players usually don't want to be bothered by the "pest" that find fun to kill them without warning when they are just enjoying the game.

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