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[SEA/OCX/NA][XI] Omakase (Raids/Static Members)

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Hello Readers!

I'll skip to the chase.

Raiding & Schedule

  • We are recruiting again! Recently we have revised our raiding schedule and 1-2 slots have opened up for applications.

  • About us, we full clear every week (3-4 hours maximum, but we're taking longer due to missing roles) on Friday 8pm[SEA; GMT+8]|1pm [London; GMT+1]|8am/9am [Canada] and we usually save the same time on Fridays/Saturdays for CM's or new wing practices.

  • Repping is not necessary at all and this does not need to be considered your main guild, just as long as you attend the stipulated raid time.
  • Most of us are Singaporean based but we are a friendly bunch :). We are NOT a speed clear guild, we just aim to get our raid clears effectively (that means talking a lot of kitten on discord), a general 'get together' each week thing.

Currently recruiting:

A Player who meets the schedule requirements with the following classes, mainly tailoring to the healing aspects of the squad:

  • Mains a Harrier Druid - Must be capable of the following: [Solo healing VG + entangle | Sab kite | Matthias sublime | Escort pull | SH push | Dhumm kite+green2].

On occasion, we will have another main druid doing these mechanics, and so you will not be required to be locked into druid. Therefore, you must also be capable of the following:

  • HealRen [VG, Matthias, Cairn, Adina]
  • Heal Tempest [SH, Sabir]
  • Not all bosses require 2 heals, you are also required to have DPS options in case, having at least 1 power and 1 condition based class from the list: [DH|DD|Ele|Necro (SH, Qpeer Pylon)|CondiRen|CondiFB].

Important Note: We aim for fast and efficient clears, not for records. Because of this our trials are not aiming to stress anyone out or nitpick on minor errors, but we are looking for players who are capable of doing mechanics listed above consistently. There is a broad spectrum of classes mentioned above, as it tailors to guild members who have no time to learn other classes due to real life businesses, if they do manage to attend. So this should be for players who enjoy playing multiple classes and hate being locked into one class most of the time.


  • Applicants will join the static raid team as per normal, and subjected to dps checks against squad dps, although we are not looking for perfect numbers we are just ensure you understand your rotation to achieve the same numbers as our squad.
  • No microphone is required, however we still require you to be present on Discord. Failures due to poor mechanic knowledge will not be tolerated.
  • More information will be given to you upon application, and should you have more questions they will be answered then as well.


Anna Of The North/BrandyBiscuits.2873 (I'm usually always online) - please send me a mail if I am offline and I will get to you.



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