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[NA][PvX] Lost in the crowd? Looking for a home? Consider [Crow]

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Chosen by the Mists [Crow] is a PvX guild with the goal of having a small but active community of adults (21+) who want to enjoy Guild Wars 2 together.

If you are looking for a group of friends to experience this game with, [Crow] might be the home you are looking for. We welcome new players just learning the ropes and experienced veterans who have been there and done that. There is no need to continue to play on your own or to be just another number in a guild, when you can have an online crew to hang out with.

Crow is aiming to be a true PvX guild. We will do plenty of PvE (fractals, dungeons, exploring, open world events, etc), but also social events, small scale WvW, and PvP. We enjoy hanging out and helping each other with goals. We offer a mature, drama-free community that understands real life comes first.

Our bullet list:

  • A helpful, friendly and knowledgeable crew to game with
  • Mature 21+ membership with family friendly guild chatter
  • Active Discord server for voice and text chat in and out of game
  • Regularly scheduled events
  • A growing guild hall at Windswept Haven (currently level 35)
  • Small scale WvW on Yak’s Bend
  • Allowance for multi-guilding (although we are looking for members who want a home/main guild).

FAQs about [Crow]
1. When are you most active?
-> Most events start up around 7pm PST / 10pm EST. We are most active during this time for a few hours. We have activity earlier and later but mainly NA times.
2. I'm am new, unexperienced or I've never done ______ (fractals, WvW, dungeons, etc). Can I still join?
-> Absolutely. We were all there once. This is a friendly group that is patient and willing to help you on your journey.
3. I'm not on Yak's Bend. Can I still join?
-> Sure can. You might not be able to WvW with us until we all get on the same server, but there is plenty we can and will do together.
4. Do you do raids?
-> We do not do raids at this time and they are not in the short term plans.

Check out our web site crowguild.com and/or our Discord crowguild.com/discord for more information. You are welcome to contact me (Larin) or Zhaan in game with questions.

  • Larin: Ekhetrima.9651
  • Zhaan: Tarral.5862

To apply, please use the form on our web site. Someone will be in touch in game afterwards.


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    We are still looking to add a few more members to our crew.

    We are new and small but will intentionally be staying small. If you are an adult looking for a laid back group you can get to know and enjoy content with, consider Crow.

    If you have questions, hit me up in game or through the web site, crowguild.com

  • Yay for editing! Top post updated with FAQs and more information.

  • We are opening recruiting again. We have room to add a few more friendly folks to our community. I edited the first post to get all the information updated.

  • We are looking to add a few more recruits. (We can't take too many at once though.)

    Also, I will share this fun video of our guild hall jumping puzzle. This was made by some guildies for our guild's Winterday event and as you can see, we had a lot of fun with it.

  • Greetings! I'm definitely interested in joining your guild. I'm an old gen gamer and actually new to MMORPGs, I used to play more TPS and FPS type games and got hooked on a game for years called, Gunz the Duel, Korean designed game by Maiet. Those days have passed and I want to slow things down, play more casually and meet new people. I can be a social butterfly. Gaming isn't at the forefront these days, real life, work, etc. but I still make a point of finding some balanced game time. I researched several MMORPG games and this one piqued my interest. A few weeks ago I bought the full game/expansions. I'm presently at level 25 and learning more and more. Thanks for your consideration. Best regards. -MG

    p.s. In game name Nomadic Hermit