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Utopia classes

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Class design and lore has to be one of my favourite things with regards to RPGs so I figured I'd ask these questions about the Utopia classes:

  1. What were the design intentions for chronomancer and summoner? what made them different thematically from the other classes? any chance you remember sample abilities?
  2. Was there any lore that was developed before utopia got scrapped for the classes?
  3. Were there any other classes considered before you settled on chronomancer and summoner?

Thank you ahead of time! I love this franchise and I'm so glad to see where it's going.

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  • I don't believe we got to the point of really developing class lore for Utopia. Most of it was still in early paper design when we cancelled the project. I don't recall us ever really considering any other classes than Summoner and Chronomancer.

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