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How Many Polar Bears Have Dropped in GW1?

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The hunt for the Miniature Polar Bear every Wintersday drove many people to distraction (or further, to the nearby town of Madness). We know (confirmed by @Joe Kimmes.1357 himself) that the drop rate is "absurdly low."

Can anyone tell us just how many times it dropped since 2007? How many Wintersday Chests have been opened in search of this elusive mini? Do any GW1/2 devs have one?

(On a personal note, I didn't spend that much time on it; mostly just when I waited for someone to be ready for a dungeon. Still, I always like that there are a few items in both games that are so rare that it's more likely I'll be hit by lightning while playing — for me, that's part of what makes it fun to try.)

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  • I can answer the question about how many chests have been opened: 2,412,901.

    By me. Personally. ;)

    And I still don't have the little rascal. :'(

    Oh, seriously now: I don't know that we'd have a way to actually pull drop rates or chest openings, but I can confirm from anecdotal evidence that Joe's right, the rate of acquisition is very low.

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