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Monk Appreciation Thread

Like many players, I mostly mained Monk in GW1 and while I think GW2 is awesome in its own way, I miss the living Skritt out of the Monk class. I know there are classes and builds that let players heal but the way GW2 is put together it's mostly not needed (I'm talking about a pure, dedicated healer) if the team's good enough and turn the skills around however you please, there's just nothing to bring about that old feeling of satisfaction when you shot Word of Healing to a player at 10% HP and watched him scramble back into combat, knowing you just saved their hide. Also, a quick nostalgic note, in ye olden times, I remember the most common chat spam in mission outposts was "LFP mission 7/8 need Monk" or similar.

This is just a thread for those of us who miss the Monk dearly and want to show it some love <3 Screenshots welcome!



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    I main a Canthan UA monk on this very day. It's a deeply satisfying class. What's more, it helps keep power creep down. Not every class needs to be a super healer bunker.

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  • monk was my second character. First was ranger because i love fantasy archery. Monk was second because i was like "im sure people are going to need healers" lol.

    I also love the bonding and maintained enchantment mechanics and love seeing my screen fill up with blue numbers from Seed of Life

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    Oh, how much respect I had for the gate bonder monks in Fort Aspenwood (Kurzick). A good monk could shut close a gate for the time of the game with powerful damage reduction and regeneration skills. Later this strategy was nerfed by giving the Siege Turtle Attack an enchantment stripping capability which basically ended this build but wow. It was awesome.

    But monks were basically the saviors of any high-end PvE mission. And always in short supply in comparision to DPS chars like my Elly. Because of the high work load and high stress of playing monk, I always have had great respect for players who took this role.

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  • I seemed to gravitate to Monk for my second profession in nearly every character I made. Across 11 accounts. :dizzy:

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    I miss my monk </3

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    When I first tried to play through the Prophecies campaign as a necromancer, I got stuck on a certain mission in the Shiverpeaks where you had to escort a certain NPC (I believe it was King Jalis Ironhammer), because there never seemed to be a monk player around, and monk henchmen just weren't cutting it. That's when I started maining a monk, and I've been playing healer in group content in multiple games ever since. The dedicated healer was the thing I missed most when I started playing GW2, but those other 6 guys who had to wait half an hour for me to show up are probably glad to be free from the need for a dedicated healer.

    I will say that I appreciate the increasing Dev support for more healing oriented builds, as well as the Monk's outfit, which is one of the few cosmetic items that I've bought from the Gem store.

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    Monk appreciater here, as someone who in the times of healer shortage, had to play a warrior as a Word of Healing healer once. It was when Word of Healing could not self-target, so I also used Healing Signet for free self healing. We started in Ice Caves of Sorrow, with our other monk quitting before the Dolyak stampede. From then on, two other players quit, and our team of 8 reduced to 5 somehow got through the white mantle parts, and then escaping to the ice ship. We didn't even consider the bonus, we were so happy to be done with that.

    After that, I played through prophecies with a factions monk, who was the first protector in the family, as a prot player did much more in many instances than a second healer. I mained Shield of Regeneration next to my father's Word of Healing, and we had a blast keeping whatever party alive.

    My necromancer, also from the days of Healer Shortage, had to switch to /Mo to provide protections or healing to the party, and later on /Rt when I was playing Orders in B/P teams.

    Speaking of those teams, healing them was a nightmare to young, 13-14 years old me. But playing hybrid orders with some good heals, alongside my father to take off the burden from his shoulders, was a blast. I still pulled off one run as a healer, but never again did I try.