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A whole slew of armor and balance questions

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Personal fan questions:
1. What were the art/design decisions, processes, and inspirations that led to the creation of the GW1 armor art-styles?
2. GW1's mesmer armor have often been brought up by fans as being very "classy" or "elegant." Based on fan sentiment, have the art team considered bringing back some of the art/design decisions and inspiration for light armor in GW2? Why or why not?
3. Having been a fan of the original, I would have loved to have had the armor from the characters in the concept art renders. Were there ever discussions to bring that armor into the game? Are there any chances to see them now as armor and not outfits?
4. Why on earth didn't Shiro's in-game swords match the trailer's swords? They look amazing!

Professional curiosity questions:
1. What led to the design decision to focus on horizontal progression as opposed to vertical progression? I can only assume, based on my experiences, horizontal progression on GW1's scale must have been very costly due to the need for a huge amount of concept art, character modeling, and testing of armor sets.
2. With the release of Nightfall, there was a huge surge in power creep compared to the release of Factions. What was the design process for the skills and balance leading up to Nightfall's release and subsequent skill tuning passes?
3. With Factions' release, there were the afflicted, enemies that exploded on death. During testing and development, were there concerns raised that the exploding (initially) armor ignoring damage could have had bad implications for the medium armor melee classed assassin? What was the general dev sentiment regarding enemies that exploded on death and the inclusion of a semi-squishy melee class?
4. For what felt like a few years, Ursan Blessing was very popular and became practically the one and only meta for almost any PVE content. What was the general thought process behind the initial tuning of that skill? Why did it take the amount of time it did to get it tuned?

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