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What about the Jade Sea?

KehxD.6847KehxD.6847 Member ✭✭

Kind of a stupid question, but fun none the less. What happened to the Jade Sea? We heard rumors that is turned back and liquified after the defeat of Shiro. Is that true? In case that is a secret/not decided yet, what would in your mind happen to jewelry, statues or other jade export that originated from the Jade Sea? If that suddenly turned back to water, that probably should be quite a bummer for trade relations. xD If so, why haven't we heard about any of that? :P

(Maybe I am remembering incorrectly, but isn't there even a piece of jade in the Durmand Priory Library in the instace from S2?)



  • I think there were stories of the Jade Sea beginning to revert to water, but not instantly. Perhaps it was the defeat of Shiro, or perhaps simply the amount of time since it was 'frozen'. I can't speak to what it's like nowadays though.

    I think you're right about a piece of jade in the Priory, but I can't find confirmation of it so I won't speculate too far about the state of jade removed from the Sea.