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Aloe Seeds in Tyria

This question is as much about GW2 as GW1. Will the Aloe Seeds ever reappear in Tyria? One thing I'd like to see is some mass current event across all of the maps where Aloe Seeds wake up from a many years long hibernation like locusts and attack all creatures; friend or foe alike.



  • MithranArkanere.8957MithranArkanere.8957 Member ✭✭✭✭

    I always found strange how the treants are the only plant 'elementals' in the core maps.

    PoF added jacarandas and ibogas, but there was many more plant-like creatures.

    And I always found annoying how sylvari have only 1 starting plant pet.
    How are you supposed to befriend a moa and a stalker while on the dream?
    But imagine if they had used a drake rig to make a dragon lily and a devourer rig to make a an aloe or grasping root.
    Core maps could have had more plant-like creatures instead just veterans, and sylvari could have had 3 plant pets to choose from.

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