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info on build

Was hoping for info on a guardian's build that I got melted by recently. I play reaper at the moment for HoD and went against a guard from Do Better guild. Got hit 14 times in an instant, all hits were 3k-12k. To me it seemed I got one shotted, that's how fast it was. Would love to try that out on a guard toon.


  • Yannir.4132Yannir.4132 Member ✭✭✭✭

    Sounds like a core guardian build that subs the hammer for greatsword. Whirling Wrath(the 2 skill on GS) may have been the culprit. With a Sigil of Agility it's very fast as well.

  • Thank you. I will have to make a guard and try. Never had that much trouble with a guard before, guess I'm rusty.

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