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Where do you go after Utopia?

So, Utopia, the playground of the gods themselves if I understand it right from Wooden Potatoes' summaries.
Was there any thoughts at all about where you would go after that, in the hypothetical next expansion?
Or was it known that that would be the last expansion regardless?
Could you even go anywhere after that, would there be any way to top that?
To me it feels like one of those very dangerous places to go because of the risk that everything after that will just seem uninteresting and normal.
How would you have handled that?
Did any of this factor in in the decision to scrap Utopia in favor of Guild Wars 2?
Don't get me wrong though, I'd still have loved to see and explore the place and find out more about the story there~



  • I don't know where that 'playground of the gods' line would have come from, it doesn't sound accurate.

    Anyway, I don't think there was any creative risk in not being able to top it. Players destroyed a god in Nightfall, but Eye of the North was still able to tell its own compelling story at a different cosmological scale.

    There were always vague plans for the next expansion being pitched while one was in production, and sometimes finding their way into the game as foreshadowing - Nightfall had some allusions to Utopia, and Utopia would have had allusions to another expansion. Some concepts for another expansion were integrated into Eye of the North and Guild Wars 2 - the Norn and Kodan for example tie back to very early ideas for a frozen-northlands styled expansion.

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