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2 Lore/Cut Content Questions and a Question for an Audio Developer

First of all, thank you all for doing this, this is a great thing for the GW1 community! I feel that many of us have accepted there will be no new content and the story of Guild Wars is effectively finished, but it's nice to maybe fill in the gaps and wrap up some questions for us veterans.

  1. What was the story/plan with Bahltek? On the GWWiki page of Linsey Murdock she is asked "Who is Bahltek and what was his purpose?" Her answer is:"Only time will tell when it comes to Bahltek. I'm going to choose to be as mysterious as he on this one."
    There is also a reference to Bahltek in GW2 with a book being called "The Curious Case of Bahltek by Norgu" If he is planned to be featured in a later story that is great and would be nice to at least have assurance we will get an answer eventually.

  2. Can you expand on the idea of an ancient insect god in Nightfall? Many locations and names point to a fallen Spider God named Arachnia. Was this just world building with no real implications? Cut content? The end of Nightfall is one of my favorite places in the Guild Wars universe and if it was just to build some mystery, great job!

  3. Finally, where did some of the enemy sounds come from? In particular I've always like the Grawl sounds. The "Wee Wah Wah" always makes me laugh and was curious if there's any hidden story behind it. The reason for asking is the main enemies in Halo: Combat Evolved make sounds that are reversed and pitch shifted versions of a friendly character's voice lines. Would be interested to see if there's anything similar to this in Guild Wars that we've missed.

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