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Asuran traditional culture

In the first game, we were introduced to asuras, and their design has changed a lot since this gw:en. Some elements that can be considered as "traditional" for asuras, like their clothing, the leaves or the design of golems seems to have been abandoned in 200 years. We had few elements letting us imagine how asuras lived before their exodus, but would it be possible to know more about this traditional side of asuran history ?

How were city organized ? Why are some city called "Quora" and other "Rata" ? What did they eat ? Did they have some rites of passage ? Were golems reserved for the richest/smartest or could everyone have one for them ? How deep under the ground were the cities ? Were plants considered as rare for asuras since they lives underground ? Were asuras used to be in dark or did they have to use big lighting, like the optical fiber in Rata Novus ? How did they find the raw material to do their clothes ? Was it common for an asura to explore the world outside their city ? On the surface ? Why is the mathematical basis of asuras, as seen in the asura script alphabet a decimal basis where asuras have only height fingers, which makes the decimal basis really uncomfortable, where the octal basis is way easier for binary conversion ? (Yeah, I know the last one has certainly no anwser)

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